‘Conspiracy to Defraud the US’: House Republicans Announce Investigation of Joe Biden and Biden Crime Family

Fact checked

House Republicans have announced an investigation into Joe Biden, Hunter Biden and the family’s “international business schemes.”

Rep. Jame Comer (Oversight Committee Ranking Member) announced “We’re releasing a report today that details what we’ve uncovered. We’re also sending letters to Biden Administration officials and Biden family associates renewing our request for voluntary production of documents relevant to this investigation. This is an investigation of Joe Biden. And why he lied to the American people about knowledge and participation in his family’s international business schemes.”

House Republicans say they have found evidence of conspiracy to defraud the U.S., wire fraud, violation of the Foreign Agents Registration Act, money laundering, and tax evasion among other crimes.

During the press conference, Comer also said he believed the Oversight Committee has lost its credibility in recent years, which he blamed on California Rep. Adam Schiff.

Asked by a reporter this week if he had a message for Republicans that want to investigate his family, in particular Hunter Biden’s business dealings, Joe Biden said that any investigation probing his family’s corruption would be “almost comedy.”

Here’s a 3-minute video proving that despite his claims to the contrary, Joe ‘Big Guy’ Biden knew all about his family’s corrupt foreign business dealings.

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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Baxter Dmitry


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  2. It’s all distraction from the Clinton crime family!! The old senile idiot and his corrupted junky-son have played their role quite well. The were kept safe to continue their ‘enterprises’ as long as possible. Now they will be sacryficed. The usual routine from the demonicrats.

    Btw; Trump’s ‘come-back’ is all part of the same play, planned by TPTB to try create an even deeper division between the aisles and coerce the disenfranchised and desillusioned public into a ‘civil war’ frenzy… is my guess.

  3. Here we go with the fake hope. “finally justice will be done” ho hum. put it to rest people, the republicans are going to get egg on their faces. Nothing is going to happen to the Bidens except they will continue to get richer and meaner. The republicans will act like they are fighting for “us” and look exhausted with their fight for freedom and justice, when they are only acting it all out, to make us “feel” that justice will be serve one day soon.
    It aint gonna happen. Don’t get yourself all hoped up just to be kicked in the nuts. just don’t fall for it. This is in God’s hands. The republicans are part of this whole sht show.

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  4. Everyone knows Mary or whatever the missus name is the Dr of Crapilogy, s family are sicilian mafia. You can bet that’s how Joe got in. That and his Irish potato farningbdelaesre background Anyone from the country knows its where all the crime really is.

    • Farming Delaware. Like the Kennedy potato farming family . Sure. We all know just how rich people get from growing spuds.

  5. These investigations are like most government projects…They look great on paper but never work in reality. That’s just government and how it works…

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