Ilhan Omar Caught Trashing America and Praising Violent ‘Uprisings’ in Minneapolis and Kenosha

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Democrat Rep. Ilhan Omar was caught trashing America during a virtual town hall, before issuing praise for the violent “uprisings” in Minneapolis and Kenosha that she described as centuries in the making.

As we speak, we are in the midst of an ongoing uprising over centuries of racial neglect and oppression,” said Rep. Omar, presumably referring to the hordes of looters and rioters causing havoc across the country.

We can’t talk about the protests in Minneapolis and Kenosha, or sports teams nationwide, without first looking inward,” she continued.

That’s when Omar really jumped the shark, accusing America — the land of hope and glory and the self-made richest country in the world — of simply grinding people into desperate poverty.

We maintain a system that grinds millions into desperate poverty, a system that doesn’t provide the most basic necessities like food, shelter and medicine.

Hey, Omar. Have you seen the state of Somalia recently? Now that’s desperate poverty.

Whether they are brutalized by police, by austerity economics, or by politicians who simply don’t care about us, our nation is crying out desperately for change.”

Wrong again, Omar. Our nation is crying out for you to be kicked out of office and have your platform taken away.

We need to fundamentally change the way our society treats its most vulnerable because this has gone on long enough.”

By adopting the failed liberal policies of sinking Democrat cities across the nation?

Omar truly holds a deep-seated hatred for this country that gave her so much.

Baxter Dmitry
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