Putin Unveils Russian Super Soldiers – ‘More Deadly Than Nuclear Bombs’

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Vladimir Putin has unveiled an army of genetically-modified 'super soldiers' that he says are more deadly than nuclear bombs.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has unveiled an army of genetically-modified ‘super soldiers’ that he says are more deadly than nuclear bombs.

Putin warned a crowd of students that scientists in Russia are on the brink of breaking the genetic code and are on the verge of creating something “worse than a nuclear bomb.”

Express.co.uk reports: In a shocking speech yesterday, the Russian leader suggested that his world could soon seen sci-fi super-human soldiers who cannot feel pain or fear.

President Putin said that science is moving at such a fast pace that the world is running out of the time to develop regulation around these eerie advances.

This comes amid escalation on the Korean penisula and mounting fears for the outbreak of nuclear war between North Korea and the US.

The Russian leader revealed that the possibility of “creating a human with predesigned characteristics” was already around the corner.

Speaking to a youth festival in Sochi, Mr Putin said: “A man has the opportunity to get into the genetic code created by either nature, or as religious people would say, by the God.

“All kinds of practical consequences may follow. One may imagine that a man can create a man not only theoretically but also practically.

“He can be a genius mathematician, a brilliant musician or a soldier, a man who can fight without fear, compassion, regret or pain.

“As you understand, humanity can enter, and most likely it will in the near future, a very difficult and very responsible period of its existence.

“What I have just described might be worse than a nuclear bomb.”

The Russian leader went on to warn that these developments are inevitable, but he urged world leaders to come together to develop ethical guidelines around such ‘creations’.

He said: “When we do something, whatever we do, I want to reiterate it again – we must never forget about the ethical foundations of our work.”

The festival Putin spoke at was organized by the World Federation of Democratic Youth (WFDY) along with the International Union of Students.

It comes as a Kremlin spokesman would not rule out discussions between Mr Putin and US President Donald Trumpat the APEC summit in Vietnam next month.

Dmitry Peskov said the Russian leader’s diary does not include a meeting between the two but added Mr Putin’s timetable had not yet been finalised.

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