‘Incredible Hulk’ Star Hospitalized After Routine Vaccination

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Incredible Hulk star hospitalized after receiving deadly vaccination

Actor Lou Ferrigno, the original “Incredible Hulk,” has been hospitalized after suffering “severe side effects” from a routine vaccination. 

“Went in for a pneumonia shot and landed up here with fluid in my bicep,” the 67-year-old former bodybuilder announced on Instagram.


“I’ll be ok but it’s important that you keep an eye on who’s giving the shot and make sure they not only swab the spot correctly but that you watch the needle come out of the package,” he continued.

Foxnews.com reports: He added a series of hashtags reading:

“#neveradullmoment #tips #shots#hospitalvisit #louferrigno #illbeok.”

It’s unclear which type of pneumonia vaccine Ferrigno received — or where he received it — but he seems to be in good spirits.

On Thursday, the proud papa tweeted to congratulate his son, Lou Ferrigno Jr., on nabbing a role as Hourman in the DC “Stargirl” series.

A rep for Ferrigno did not immediately return a request for comment on his recovery.


  1. It’s direct effects, not side effects and the hary their m, destruction and death is exactly what vaccines are designed to do by the evil NWO Nazis who make them. This man may very well have respiratory problems for the rest of his life after getting that vaccine. There is NO safe, harmless or necessary vaccine. Learn the truth, don’t fall for the lies, deception and fraud by pharma/NWO.

  2. There is something really fishy about that photo. Why are there vials of blood just laying on the table? What is in those larger vials? I’ve worked in the medical field and you NEVER leave vials of a patient’s blood just laying around. As soon as it’s drawn it goes to the lab to be either carefully agitated (if there’s an anti-coagulant in the vial) or put into a centrifuge for separating the serum. Used glove on the table? I don’t know it just looks off to me…..

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