Insider Admits Israel Attack Was ‘False Flag’ To Start ‘Holy War’ and Usher In ‘One World Government’

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The Hamas attack on Israel was an "inside job" by the globalist elite working in tandem with the Biden administration and the Israeli government as part of the great masterplan for World War 3 - which has been in the works since the state of Israel was created after World War 2.

The Hamas attack on Israel was an “inside job” by the globalist elite working in tandem with the Biden administration and the Israeli government as part of the great masterplan for World War 3 – which has been in the works since the state of Israel was created after World War 2.

According to an insider, the terrorists were funded and armed by the Biden administration in the build-up to the attack, and Israeli defence and intelligence services agreed to stand down and look the other way when the attack was launched.

According to the official, the Israeli “false flag” will light the fuse to ignite a “holy war” that will spiral out of control and lay the groundwork for the elite to usher in a “one world government” and “one world religion.”

But there is just one problem for the globalist elite and their plans to enslave the human race. Their plans rely on the people of the world remaining ignorant – and we are not going to let that happen.

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Every year Israel receives billions of dollars in US military aid and they recently installed a new “David’s Sling” interceptor to supplement several other already active and high tech defense systems – Iron Dome, David Sling, Arrow 2 and Arrow 3.

No expense was spared installing the latest and greatest military hardware in their skies. And yet we are expected to believe that these high tech defense systems could not protect against …. motorized para-gliders?

Israel also upgraded and bolstered their border wall with advanced technologies and censors, calling it the Iron Wall. The Israelis have the most advanced and invasive surveillance system in the world, there are censors literally everywhere, even deep in the ground so the Palestinians can’t build tunnels. The Israelis literally boasted that a cockroach cannot get across the border without the military knowing.

Now we know that despite their denials, Netanyahu and Israel were aware of the attack before it happened.

The Times of Israel, Associated Press and Al-Jazeera are reporting that Egypt warned Israel of a major attack coming from Gaza 10 days before the events on the weekend, but Israeli officials ignored it.

Is this another globalist psy-op?

According to a former Israeli intelligence agent, the Hamas attack does not make any sense and the bears all the hallmarks of planned operation:

She’s not wrong. Something is very wrong here. We could start with Joe Biden, handmaiden of the elite, who recently sent billions of dollars to Iran, who directly fund Hamas. Just days ago, Biden sent an irregular payment of $75 million directly to Palestine, and then days later, after the Hamas attack, sent a whopping 8 billion dollars to Israel in emergency military aid.

In the great tradition of the globalist elite, the Biden administration is funding both sides of the war. The Rothschilds funded both sides of the Napoleonic wars and this proved so profitable for them, they funded both sides of every war since, including the two world wars.

The Bush family also have history in this regard, with Prescott Bush, grandfather of George W., funding both sides of the Second World War.

The globalist elite just want to see the world burn. And get rich while it happens.

The useful idiots on mainstream media are determined to call the attack “Israel’s 9/11” – and they are closer to the truth than they realize.

Just like the 9/11 attacks, the attack on Israel is not what it seems and the official narratives surrounding both events can be dismissed out of hand as obvious propaganda.

Most concerning of all, every prominent influencer, pundit, and politician immediately condemned the attacks, despite their numerous oddities, without asking any questions about the numerous security failures of the Israeli military.

Fact checkers, employed by the globalist elite including Bill Gates and George Soros, immediately declared the attack was not an inside job.

They still haven’t explained why we are expected to believe anything they say considering they are untrained, unqualified, and write their fact checks from the comfort of their sofas in California, or in some cases, while they are lying in bed smoking weed.

CNN has already been caught spreading fake news about the attack, retreading old footage from 2021 to spread the globalist war agenda.

MSNBC wasted no time in reminding Americans of where they stand in the globalist pecking order. According to the elite, 20 Israeli lives are worth 1,000 American lives.

Just like the 9/11 attacks, the globalist elite are rubbing their hands together at the prospect of launching more forever wars in the Middle East, more devaluation of currencies, more neglect of the people in favor of war, death, and the globalist agenda.

Violence begets more violence. The elite are determined to send humanity on a race to the bottom, while they get richer, tighten the noose around humanity’s neck, and enact their long-planned agenda for World War 3 and a one world government.

Rothschild admitted his family created Israel as part of the great masterplan for World War 3 – and now their agenda is playing out before our very eyes.

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