The ‘World’s First Internet War’ Has Begun: Julian Assange

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Catalonia is under attack before Sunday’s referendum

Julian Assange

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has put out a statement saying that both Barcelona and Madrid are actively using IT in waging war against Catalan independence, in what could be described as the world’s first internet war.

Assange tweeted Saturday, “What is happening in Catalonia is the most significant Western conflict between people and state since the fall of the Berlin wall.

The world’s first internet war has begun, in Catalonia, as the people and government use it to organize an independence referendum on Sunday and Spanish intelligence attacks, freezing telecommunications links, occupying telecoms buildings, censors 100s of sites, protocols etc., “Assange wrote on his Twitter page.

Julian AssangeSputnik reports:

​On Sunday, Catalonia is expected to hold an independence referendum. The Spanish federal government has filed a complaint with the country’s Constitutional Court over the Catalan government and parliament approving the law on the independence vote. The court has taken the complaint under review, outlawing the plebiscite.

He added that the tensions around Catalonia’s vote could be described as the most significant western conflict between people and the state since the fall of the Berlin wall.

Opinion polls show that Catalonia’s independence is supported by 41 percent of its residents, with 49 percent against it, while as much as 80 percent of Catalans are in favor of the referendum itself, most of them believe that the vote should be agreed upon with the central government in Madrid.

Catalonia defies Spanish government and makes independence vote official

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