Is Tony Blair Pitching To Be Trump’s Envoy To Middle East?

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Tony Blair’s spokesman has denied claims that Tony Blair is seeking to become US President Donald Trump’s Middle East envoy.

The former British prime minister met with the president’s son-in-law and key adviser Jared Kushner during a secret White House meeting last week to discuss working for Mr Trump, according to the Mail on Sunday.

The newspaper said Mr Blair has met Mr Kushner three times since September and that the pair were discussing the possibility of Blair becoming Mr Trump’s Middle East peace envoy.

The Telegraph reports:

In a statement, Mr Blair’s office said the story was an “invention”.

“Mr Blair has made no such ‘pitch’ to be the president’s Middle East envoy,” a spokesman said.

“Neither has he had any discussions about taking such a role or any role working for the new president. He has been working on the peace process for 10 years. He continues to do so. He does so in a private capacity. He will continue to do it in that way. Period.”

Andrew Bridgen, a Conservative MP, told The Telegraph: “It’s often said that a wise man should try to  learn from the mistakes of history so as not to repeat them.”

After leaving Downing Street, Mr Blair took the role of Middle East envoy for the Quartet, an organisation comprising the EU, US, Russia and the UN, that aims to help negotiations in the Middle East.

Last November, the Telegraph revealed that Mr Blair and Mr Kushner had dined together in a fashionable restaurant in New York.

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