ISIS Claim Responsibility For Oregon Mass Shooting

Fact checked
ISIS say that they are responsible for the mass-shooting in Oregon that killed 13 people

ISIS have claimed responsibility for the Oregon mass shooting that killed 13 people at Umpqua College on Thursday.

Chris Harper Mercer, the suicided gunman responsible for the shooting, does not have any apparent connection to the Islamic State, but that hasn’t stopped ISIS from claiming responsibility. reports:

“‘ISIS’ Claims Chris Mercer Harper [sic] Umpqua College Shooting,” by Sam Prince, Heavy, October 2, 2015 (thanks to Laurence):


The tweet screen cap lacks a time stamp but the phone screen cap states “4:07 p.m.” The tweet reads:

Again #Oregon #USA #WashingtonDC #IslamicState #ISIS #USA

A meme that states “Slay Americans” in front of a man being beheaded is also visible….