ISIS Fighter Films His Own Death During Battle

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Dramatic video footage shows a jihadi fighter in battle wearing a body-camera being shot and killed in Iraq.

ISIS Fighter

The death of an ISIS fighter is recorded by a Go-Pro camera filming his movements in the battle for Iraq.

In the final shots of the video, his assailant is seen emerging on top of the roof of a building, and firing a shot towards the camera. The roof was earlier attacked unsuccessfully by another jihadi fighter with a grenade.
It is believed to show the battle for Ramadi in which ISIS managed to capture the Iraqi city in May 2015 from the Iraqi army.
The video shows the moment the militant gunman gets shot by a sniper. He gets killed after stepping out of cover behind sandbags following a fierce fire-fight with Iraqi troops. Militants are seen throwing grenades and firing AK-47’s as they run towards buildings.

WARNING- The video contains disturbing scenes.

The Daily Mail reports:

The dramatic footage shows the jihadi firing an AK-47 machine gun while frantically running between abandoned buildings in a battle with the Iraqi military.

At one point, he or a fellow insurgent can be heard screaming ‘Allah Akbar!’ – God is greatest.

But he commits a fatal error by stepping out from behind a wall of sandbags and is promptly shot dead by a sniper.

Moments before he is struck by the bullet, the camera flashes towards a building where a gunman, believed to his killer, appears to be pointing his weapon directly at him.

A shot can be heard and the camera topples sideways a split second later.

The footage ends with the camera pointing towards the sun as the militant collapses on the ground and his breathing stops.

Battlefield footage obtained by fighters wearing body cameras has been an increasingly common propaganda tool on jihadi social media pages.

Fighters for Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula attacked a bus and knifed a number of Yemeni army soldiers in August 2014.

The horrific crime was filmed by the terrorists who were wearing head cameras to provide close up footage of the massacre.

Similarly the final moments of dying jihadis are regularly circulated online with the aim of promoting the idea that their death will lead them to obtain martyrdom and allow them to become green birds in paradise.

The latest video, which was published by LiveLeak, is believed to have been taken in the city of Ramadi which fell to ISIS last month in a humiliating defeat for the Iraqi government.

The capture of the provincial capital of Anbar marked the terror group’s most significant advance since a US-led coalition began an air campaign against the extremists last year.

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