DHS To Surveil Social Media To Identify Trump Supporters As ‘Terrorists’

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DHS wants to surveil social media to profile Trump supporters as terrorists

Joe Biden’s Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is planning to surveil social media networks to identify Trump supporters and label them as “terrorists,” according to reports.

Using the Jan. 6 protests as its escuse, the DHS wants private firms to help identify American dissidents so they can be imprisoned and stripped of their voting rights.

DHS agent John Cohen is leading the plan that would encourage private firms to violate the civil liberties of Americans in order to strengthen Biden’s plans for a domestic police state in America.

“What we’re talking about now is dramatically expanding our focus,” Mr. Cohen admitted in an interview.

Bigleaguepolitics.com reports: Adam Schwartz, an attorney at the Electronic Frontier Foundation, is very leery of these plans to further centralize power and erode constitutional protections.

“We do not support an expansion of social-media surveillance in the name of stopping the next attack on the Capitol,” Schwartz said.

“There’s a real temptation, once the tool is in place…to say, ‘Well, we have this, why don’t we use it for these other purposes?’” said Rachel Levinson-Waldman, deputy director for the Brennan Center’s national-security program, sharing her concerns with this Orwellian program.

Big League Politics has reported on how Jan. 6 is being used as a Reichstag Fire by the regime, with sham hearings being held in order to justify the vast unconstitutional expansion of the domestic police state:

Capitol police officer Harry Dunn issued testimony during Pelosi’s hearing on the Jan. 6 protest on Tuesday where he described the MAGA patriots as racist Klan members…

While the Left would like for Dunn’s histrionic screed to be taken as dogma, his past shows that he is an ultra-partisan Democrat who has cheered on Black Lives Matter (BLM) terrorism in communities.

In one response to Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson, he defended BLM mob thuggery over the death of a rapist who was resisting arrest in Kenosha, Wisc.

Dunn tweeted at Carlson: “why is murder an appropriate response to property damage but property damage isn’t an appropriate response to murder?”

… In other social media posts, Dunn defended anti-Christian and anti-semitic Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) and laughed when former president Donald Trump was forced to retreat to a bunker in response to an actual siege on the White House by far-left agitators…

Dunn will be remembered as Officer Jussie Smollett by the time these farce hearings are said and done. He failed to secure the Capitol on Jan. 6, being derelict in his duties, and now he lies in front of a camera to avoid culpability and push his political agenda. Dunn has failed his nation and should be forced to abdicate his post.”

The feds are at war with patriots in the homeland. This is the worst case scenario and one which opponents of the Patriot Act warned could happen. The chickens are coming home to roost for Americans who largely accepted the police state after the Sept. 11 attacks.

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