American pastor: Islamic State Selling Decapitated Heads To Raise Funds

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Islamic State

Islamic State/ISIS are running out of funds and are resorting to new ways of generating income.

The terrorists are allegedly shrinking the heads of their beheaded victims and selling them to collectors in order to fund their terror campaign.

Their stockpile of decapitated Syrian and Iraqi heads are reportedly being sold for £350 each to ‘shrunken head’ collectors online, according to an American pastor.

The Daily Express reports:

The militants have worked out that shrunken heads are worth hundreds to morbid collectors online, according to an American pastor.

Harry Walther, from Montana, believes that the group is now making a profit from the sick public executions they regularly hold to punish those who do not follow their strict rules.

They have turned to victims of these brutal public executions and after decapitating thousands of prisoners and ‘non-believers’ the terror group now have a huge number of heads to sell.

The desperate attempt for funds comes as US-led coalition forces destroy key ISIS oil fields, a main supply of income for the jihadi fighters.

ISIS fighters also face their wages being cut in half and a growing epidemic of swine flu across the region.

Pastor Walther said curious buyers have been known to pay more than £350 for a shrunken head.


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