Israel Claim That ISIS Are In Gaza

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Israel claim ISIS fired rockets at them from Gaza

Israel are now claiming that ISIS are in Gaza after a rocket attack from Gaza hit Israel, causing no damage. 

In response, the Israeli Air Force attacked four military locations in Gaza on Saturday, confirming that they “targeted two Hamas military training facilities and two other military sites,” according to reports. reports:

This attack was a direct response to five rockets launched from Gaza on Friday, for which Daesh-affiliated terrorist organisation Ansar Bayt al-Maqdis took credit.

The two projectiles which made it to Israel landed in Sha’ar Hanegev in the north-west Negev, outside any populated areas, causing no casualties or damage.

A statement released by the Sinai-based extremist group, whose rockets set off air raid sirens in the area, stated: “We take responsibility for the rocket bombardment on the Sderot settlement at 11:07 p.m. Friday night.

“Praise God, we allowed for Jewish blood [to flow] and we turned their night to day. We activated alarms in all of southern occupied Palestine.”

The IDF has reiterated that it holds Hamas “solely responsible for all terrorist activity emanating from the Gaza Strip,” and pledged to “continue to act strongly against any attempt to disrupt the quiet in the southern communities.”

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