Italian Grandmother Serves Hot Chocolate And Poisons Family

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hot chocolate


An Italian woman aged 77, served hot chocolate drinks to her relatives, and poisoned them all, including herself.

The hot chocolate powder was sitting in her cupboard for a quarter of a century.
She decided to treat her son’s family and friends to the 25 year old hot chocolate without realizing the consequences of her mistake.
The police are considering charging her with a crime.

The Standard reports:

The Italian woman, named as Mrs Rosetta, reportedly made the drink as a treat for her son, two grandchildren and their friend.

She also sipped some of the chocolate treat along with her partner, it was reported in Il Mattino.

Members of the family began to suffer food poisoning symptoms of sickness and diarrhoea.

Shortly afterwards the whole group were hospitalised.

A child, aged eight to 12-years-old, was reported to have required hospital treatment for three weeks.

Mrs Rosetta, aged 77, found when she returned home the expiry date on the hot chocolate was June 5, 1990.

The newspaper reported she bought the drink sachets in the 1980s, but forgot about them and left them in a cupboard.

Prosecutors are said to be considering pressing charges over the incident.

Edmondo Burr
BA Economics/Statistics CEO