‘It’s Ok When We’re Racist’ – Amazon BANS Clarence Thomas Film During Black History Month

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Amazon bans Clarence Thomas documentary during Black History Month

The far-left fascists at Amazon have banned a film about Trump-supporting SCOTUS Justice Clarence Thomas during Black History Month.

The documentary, “Created Equal: Clarence Thomas in His Own Words,” is “currently unavailable to watch in your location,” the streaming service says to users when the title is clicked. 

The outage appears to be nationwide, according to reports.

Amazon banned the PBS documentary, while still promoting a wide range of films including “All In: The Fight for Democracy” with Democrat Stacey Abrams and two movies on far-left activist Anita Hill. 

Humanevents.com reports: The platform created an entire Amplify Black Voices page that “feature[s] a curated collection of titles to honor Black History Month across four weekly themes (Black Love, Black Joy, Black History Makers, and Black Girl Magic).” 

While all included films come free to stream with a Prime membership, the Thomas documentary, released in January of last year, is now only available to purchase on a DVD, The Federalist reports.

Amazon’s effort to celebrate black voices during Black History month is a failed attempt if it doesn’t include Justice Thomas. Whether you agree with his political views or not, his story is one that everyone should know. 

Born in 1948 into deep poverty in Georgia, to mostly uneducated parents, Thomas broke away from the segregated, catholic school education system he was raised in, in hopes of something better. 

“The more I read about the black power movement, the more I wanted to be a part of it,” he said in his memoir My Grandfather’s Son. “What was the point of working within the system? Segregation, lynchings, black codes, slavery…surely the time for politeness and nonviolent protest was over.” 

Thomas embraced the view that all men are created equal. In his nearly 30 years on the Supreme Court, Thomas has developed the most consistent originalist jurisprudence of any justice to ever serve on the court, Breitbart reports

Thomas is the second and longest-serving black Supreme Court justice in history, undeniably historic and something to be celebrated. His documentary should be appreciated during every month of the year, but especially during Black History Month to celebrate his life journey and paramount success. 

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