Jacob Rothschild: ‘New World Order’ Will Collapse Under Trump

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Jacob Rothschild warns New World Order will likely collapse under President Trump

Lord Jacob Rothschild has voiced concern about the inevitable collapse of the ‘New World Order’ under President Trump’s leadership.

The billionaire globalist says that the US-China trade war and eurozone crisis puts the old order at risk.

“In 9/11 and in the 2008 financial crisis, the powers of the world worked together with a common approach. Co-operation today is proving much more difficult. This puts at risk the post-war economic and security order,” Lord Rothschild warned in his investment trust’s half-year results commentary.

Rt.com reports: In economics, the post-war order is usually refers to a monetary management system which led to a rise of the US dollar as a dominant currency.

“In the circumstances our policy is to maintain our limited exposure to quoted equities and to enter into new commitments with great caution,” Rothschild added.

Rothschild’s RIT Capital investment has a historically low 47 percent exposure to the stock market. The banking dynasty is concerned that the 10-year stock market rally could be ending.

“The cycle is in its 10th positive year, the longest on record. We are now seeing some areas of weaker growth emerge; indeed the IMF has recently predicted some slowdown,” the investment banker said.

Rothschild pointed at “potentially destructive” debt levels in Europe and trade wars as major problems for the global economy.

He added, “problems are likely to continue in emerging markets, compounded by rising interest rates and the US Fed’s monetary policy which has drained global dollar liquidity.”

According to Rothschild, the lack of a co-ordinated, international response to global challenges was unlikely in an era of populist and protectionist leaders such as US president Donald Trump.


  1. You can stop stealing every one’s money from the saving account interest if they have any left.

  2. 110% lie. These bastards have 20-35 more years of shit left. They’re not done. Give me a break. If they can engineer 50 years, they can go a full century.

    • 50 Years? Looking at the works of just Freemasons, Albert Pike Morals and Dogma, Johann Gottleib Fichte Address to German Nation, Horace Mann all in the 1800s. Not to mention others that when pictured together, as summary generational push, and considered as one unit working to common aims, it looks like they can plan out ahead for longer than 50 years.
      Then there is the works of like of Carrol Quigley combined with the certainty of such groups as east india company and club, milner-rhodes, fabian society (tied to Labour party, London school of economics, etc) CFR, Tavistock so on.

      Multiples of 50 years of planning and opportunity seizing on a generational level building their empire. Especially if you follow the creation of central banking and its spread by revolution.

      Back before America became world police, many opposed internationalism and wanted a national state. Back then they smeared that as isolationist. Not so many seem to pointing to that so much now though.

      Take any win you can everyone, but I don’t trust a hope that any win that comes from state, government, oligarchical billionaires are in our favour.

      • Glad to see your doing your readings, good job Andy!! The masons and illuminati are servants of Satan, his plan goes back thousands of years. The roots of Satans plan began in Babylon with Nimrod, Semiramis and Tammuz. Almost all religions are based on this trinity of gods. All of our holidays are dedicated to these gods as well. For example, other names for Semiramis are Columbia (note before a Columbia movie the goddess stands holding the torch, just like statue of Liberty), she was also called Britania (Britain), Europa (Europe), Ishtar (pronounced EASTER) and so on. Herucules aka Tammuz chased the bull thru modern Italy in his 12 tasks, the word Italus meant Bull, Italy was named after this event. Everything is based on the Babylonian trinity.

      • I should clarify I mean minimum. I’m betting there’s way more as well. Anyone thinking the 2020s are going to be end times are idiots. These people have been doom and glooming for over 30 years. They’ll keeping giving and taking to keep people satisfied enough to keep living in the cycle. If they have to get us another 70s, 80s, 90s or 00s, or two, they’ll do it.

    • Fingal: Rothschilds have been in power since late 1700s. And yes, they ARE done. Much of the population around the world has awakened and can see what is the truth. Sadly, you dont seem to be one of those. The entire reason for DJT running for president was to take down the globalists and bad actors, also cleaning out the child sex trafficking and other types of trafficking.

  3. Rothschild warns about destructive debt levels when he and his cohorts were responsible for them especially Goldman Sachs. He then tries to blame the US Fed Reserve for it. Rothschild like the Royals and Vatican actually believe that humanity would be a lot worse off without their divine guidance and that we could never handle self rule. They believe they are worthy of their lofty positions and we have gotten more than we deserve under their rule.

    • They do, because they consider humanity to be roughly what we consider to be 1% of 1% of the world population. Everyone else is cattle.

  4. How many ex Rothschild wives have died recently…………those who knew them, or were connected to their “social circle”??

  5. Whatever Lord Rothschild says is a lie, and usually the exact opposite is true, so in this case, the article should read “Trump is part of the new world order”. Hilary obviously was also.

    • You haven’t done your homework. Trump has never been a part of the cabal. I’ve watched him since 1980 when he first became famous. I’ve researched the heck out of DJT and world events for the past 20 yrs.

  6. Rothschild fear rmongering his cohort global criminals with the threat of the end of their beloved NWO.

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