Japan To Continue Working With Russian Oil & Gas Enterprises

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Russian oil

Japan has confirmed that it has no intention of withdrawing from its oil and natural gas projects in Russia’s Far East

Japan’s Economy Minister Hagiuda Koichi said: “Japan has stakes in both [oil and gas] projects and has secured long-term supplies. The projects provide our country with energy at below-market prices, and soaring energy costs are making the projects even more important

According to RT: Koichi also said that while Japan imports about 90% of its crude oil from the Middle East, Russia’s Sakhalin-1 project is viewed in Tokyo as an important energy source outside that region. He added that the Sakhalin-2 project, in turn, accounts for about 9% of his country’s imports of liquefied natural gas (LNG). Moreover, the minister stressed that Japan will also stick to agreements on another LNG development project in the Russian Arctic.

Koichi’s statements run counter to Japan’s broader stance on cooperation with Russia. The Asian state recently joined a number of Western nations in placing sanctions on Moscow after the latter launched a military operation in Ukraine. The sanctions, however, do not target energy carriers.


  1. If there’s any country in the world that acts like the adult in the room, it’s Japan. It has been like this for years.

    • less those five forever leaking melted down nuclear reactors still spewing nuclear waste worldwide

      • Although they partially continue to selectively support commerce with Russia which is good, we really need to ask who is making the power generation decisions for that country. Somehow this industry has gone seriously off the rails.

        Those Mark 1 reactors made by GE were questionable at best. The scientists that were tasked with creating it resigned in protest because they were convinced the design was unsafe. To add insult to injury, these reactors were located in high seismic zones in Japan with defective protections from tsunamis (a repeating occurrence in Japan). I can’t help but wonder if TPTB intentionally set up Japan for future extinction?

  2. a market manipulation WAR stage actor placed in a russian border country in a preplanned DMZ with all the nukes removed.Anyone pushing Z is just riding the 1% money train back to the 1% overlords house

  3. Meanwhile because they weren’t ever allowed to have any mitary by American tile of law, except for defensive miniscule show mitary, and now since the west wants them to go to war against China and or Russia, they have been “allowed” to buy weapons and increase spending on mitary growth and development. And they will go to war on one hand, but still buy what they want as well. Course they all know now that even NATOs easy ignored if they choose to align with Russia China India Brazil South Africa India Let’s face it, there’s only America Canada and England really. Australia’s useless really and New Zealand s even more useless with tiny military, barely enough to even pretend they can defend themselves. And with Indonesians army of 22 million s diets, aside from their navy and Air force Australia new Zealand could be crushed overnight.

    • 22 million soldiers, not s diets.. Course idiot ministers run around acting as if because big brother anetuxas their friend they have muscle Not when muscle has many enemies and many false friends.

  4. IF Russian placed their army and weapons in mexico or canada the USA would smit&fight like hell so WTF do you think russia will do? with their borderland country ukraine? even if the west sends in endless weapons the russians can shot missles at them from RUSSIA day and nite and if they than invade russia-russia wil backet bomb them till there is nothin left.Forceing the ukraines to fight or be killed is a dictator action nothing to do with freedom but everything to do with MARKET MANIPULATION

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