Sean Penn Calls On Billionaires To Buy Fighter Jets For Ukraine

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Sean Penn

Sean Penn has appealed to wealthy philanthropists come forward and provide around $500 million to procure at least two squadrons of fighter planes, as well as missile defense systems for Ukraine.

The Hollywood actor made his request following Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky’s repeated pleas to the US goverment. 

The pro-Kiev actor delivering an itemized menu of demands in a tweet on Thursday, caliming: “One billionaire could end this war in Ukraine”.

RT reports: Penn estimated that “2 squadrons of F-15s or F-16s,” which he claimed feature “better tech than Russian Migs [sic] or SU’s,” would cost only about $300 million. He also called for “another $200m in missile defense,” and further suggested that with three weeks of training plus “add-ons in arming & maintaining creative runways, etc.,” Ukraine’s pilots would be ready to kick Russia out of its skies. The actor did not elaborate on how exactly he expects such a privately funded deal to comply with US arms exports control.

Penn’s plea came just hours after the Ukrainian government reportedly renewed its own demands for further weaponry, including planes. Kiev’s wish list includes reconnaissance and attack drones, tactical radars, electronic warfare anti-drone systems, and close-air support aircraft, according to CNN, which added that the country is also asking for anti-ship missiles, optical surveillance equipment, and transport planes for weapons.

The US and several European countries have already sent hundreds of millions of dollars in military equipment to Ukraine, though they have thus far balked at arming the country with fighter planes, while President Volodymyr Zelensky appears to have let up on his demand for a no-fly zone. 

Penn was in Ukraine when Russia sent troops into the neighboring country in February. He was in the process of making a documentary with Vice Media about Kiev’s war on the breakaway regions of Donetsk and Lugansk, which were recognized by Russia as independent republics after eight years of bloody civil war. 

The actor distinguished himself among Zelensky’s many American cheerleaders by demanding the Ukrainian leader be given a platform to speak at the Academy Awards, threatening to not only boycott the event but to melt down his own statues if he wasn’t included. Not inviting Zelensky would constitute the “most obscene moment in all of Hollywood history,” the actor declared melodramatically. However, Zelensky did not make an appearance at the Oscars, and Penn has not yet melted down his statues.


    • Patton would have too.
      “Gentleman, I have come this morning to the inexcusable conclusion that we have fought on the wrong side. This entire war we should have fought with the fascists against the communists and not the other way around. I fear that perhaps in fifty years America will pay a dear price and become a land of corruption and degenerate morals.” — General George S. Patton (July 21, 1945)

  1. It’s very interesting how media manipulates emotions They must find it reassuring to know how they can create totally opposing views around the world. It must give them a feeling of power from mind control.

    • It is a form of mind control. Pure manipulation at it’s best and more powerful than any bombs or missiles.

  2. yes, all the billionaires need to pull together to buy fighter jets for Zelinskit so he can save Biden Family money laundering operation.
    Save the Biden child sex slavery industry in the Ukraine, they have the cutest little orphans!!!! right liberals?

    • Those cute orphans are for adrenachrome. They have baby farms just to get the blood.
      I wonder if tgey feed the baby corpses to THEIR citizens, like they do here.
      (can you say fast food)

  3. You notice the limits on himself which are implied by his views. If he had a billion dollars he could help Ukraine. But because he is only a multimillionaire he cannot help them financially. A million is one one thousandth of a billion, therefore he should be able to contribute one one thousandth of an airplane for each million that he has. But is he doing that? Of course not. Because he’s not a billionaire he can only contribute his energy and time, which, just by coincidence, happens to serve his own selfish interests, in the form of what he probably thinks helps his reputation. Not with me it doesn’t.

  4. Oh give me a break. Comb your hair and smooth out your wrinkles and stay at home and stop polluting the world with your ignorant opinion.

    • You’re an actor for pete’s sake. You make your living by pretending to be someone you’re not.

    • The maggot spent an hour in front of a mirror making sure his hair looked like he was so involved and busy he has no time for that. These phony, pretend hero’s are the sht eating maggots of humanity

    • Penn WAS over there in Kiev working on pro-Ukraine agitprop when the fighting started, and ran away like a sissy to the Polish border. Had to walk on foot the last klik or two. Poor baby.

      • The hollywood scum have a lot of pedophile connections there, that’s why they support that place

        • Fake Jews want to move Israel to Ukraine aka Khazaria. Fake Jews proudly run Hollywood. Penn works for fake Jews in Hollywood and dances to their tune.

  5. “At the age of 50 every man has the face he deserves.” George Orwell. The reason Penn looks so miserable is because he is. People who willingly allow themselves to function as a human host to a demon end up looking the part.

  6. But he and his Liberal friends can’t get the homeless, desperate people off the streets! What a maroon..

  7. Penn was always ugly. He is no actors. His relatives got him into this. He always overacts. Now that he looks like a has been he wants to use his sagging celebrity status to get into politics.

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  9. Takes time to find suitable candidates to be fighter pilots. Unless they can find some mercenaries with training, there will also be needed an intensive training period required. Is a billionaire going to pay out top dollar so a novice can fly an expensive plane that could be easily shot down by the “enemy?” No way on earth the Ukes can win this war in the first place.

  10. Sean Penn should join the Azov Nazis, he would fit right in, fascist punk that he is. Like all “a-list” actors, Penn is a freemason satanist going to hell.

  11. Wasn’t he the same guy who proclaimed that those who refuse the covid shots must be eliminated from society? Who cares what he has to say.

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    Along with illegal U.S. bio weapons labs. Making ethnic specific plagues for mankind. They WANT YOU DEAD.
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