JFK Files: Jackie O Refused To Change Bloodstained Suit ‘To Shame LBJ’

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Jackie Onassis wore her bloodstained dress to Lyndon B. Johnson's emergency swearing in ceremony “ to shame" him, according to the JFK files.

Jackie Onassis wore her bloodstained pink suit to Lyndon B. Johnson’s emergency swearing in as president in order “to shame” him, according to reports from the recently released JFK assassination files.

Lyndon B. Johnson’s wife repeatedly tried to make Jackie Onassis change out of her bloodstained clothes, but JFK’s widow was sending everyone a message by standing next to LBJ in her now iconic pink wool suit, covered in her husband’s blood.

I want them to see what they’ve done to Jack,” the grieving Onassis reportedly said, before wearing the bloodstained pink suit for the next 24 hours.

The pink suit has since taken its place in fashion as well as American political history. It has appeared in numerous films and TV shows about the Kennedys, and the original bloodstained suit has now been placed in the National Archives in Maryland, where it will become available to the public for viewing in – wait for it – 2103.

The fascination with Jackie Onassis is not going anywhere. But if the dirtbag media of the day, full of CIA planted journalists, had their way, the former First Lady would have been airbrushed from history.

They refused to publish anything that may have led the public to believe Onassis was grieving her husband while standing next to the man who ordered the hit – the new president of the United States.

Instead the mainstream media coined the term ‘conspiracy theorist,’ an insult used to smear anybody who questioned the official narrative. The smear is still used to this day.

Jackie Onassis knew what Johnson was and what he had done. JFK didn’t hide who their enemies were from her. She knew who engineered the hit, mobilizing the Deep State to take out her husband and orchestrate a coup that propelled LBJ into the Oval Office.

The problem is that America’s enemies were so firmly and deeply entrenched in the federal system (where they remain to this day) that Jackie Onassis dared not open her mouth in public.

Her powerful protest had to remain symbolic, otherwise her children would have been orphans.

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