Joe Biden Will ‘Bring Back Dignity, Honesty, Intelligence & Compassion Says Barbra Streisand

Fact checked

Oscar winning Hollywood leftist Barbra Streisand said that she is “exhilarated” at the prospect of Joe Biden becoming president and thinks that he will “bring back dignity, honesty, intelligence and compassion to the Oval Office.”

During an interview with the New York Times, Streisand also blasted President Trump calling him a liar and blaming him for the loss of “thousands of lives.”

Breitbart reports: The accusation is one that Streisand has repeatedly made on social media, having previously claimed that President Trump’s “incompetence and lies” are responsible for thousands of coronavirus fatalities.

In her talk with the Time’s T style magazine, Barbra Streisand expressed her thrill at the possibility of Joe Biden, who recently broke his foot, taking office. “I’m exhilarated … [He] will bring back dignity, honesty, intelligence and compassion to the Oval Office. I look forward to that.”

Neither Streisand nor the Times reporter brought up the Hunter Biden scandal or Tara Reade’s sexual assault allegations against the presidential hopeful.The singer-actress was a major supporter of Biden’s campaign, participating in several Hollywood fundraisers for the Democratic candidate.

“What do I hate most about Trump? He lies every day,” she told the Times. “He has the compulsion to lie, even when the facts say something different. The worst lie was about the pandemic. Why not face facts? Why not tell the truth? People are stronger than you think — they can handle the truth. It would have saved thousands of lives.”

Streisand didn’t clarify her allegation claiming that the president has lied about the pandemic. She also omitted the fact the President Trump initiated Operation Warp Speed, which fast-tracked a public-private partnership with drug makers to develop a coronavirus vaccine. The project has yielded vaccines from Pfizer and Moderna that are expected to start reaching the public in December.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) added her praise for Streisand to the article, lauding the Hollywood celebrity for her political activism that started before it became fashionable.

“It took real courage back then to get involved because the entertainment industry believed there’d be a backlash,” Pelosi told the Times. Streisand in fundraising mode “is dazzling to behold,” Pelosi added. “It’s not just because she’s a celebrity. She knows the issues. She’s studied. She can explain why she supports what she does. That’s what’s persuasive.”

Pelosi continued: “She doesn’t have to do this… She does it out of patriotism. She loves our country.”

Streisand also told the Times that she reached out to the daughter of George Floyd shortly after he died while in Minneapolis policy custody, setting off race riots around the country.

Streisand said she sent six-year-old Gianna some shares of Disney stock, along with a letter in which she recounted how she also lost her father at a young age.

“I think our dads watch over us forever,” Streisand wrote, according to the Times. “When you get older and have a decision to make … just close your eyes and ask him for help. And if you listen very carefully, he will lead you to the right choice. I promise!”


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