Joy Behar Calls Florida Governor A ‘Negligent, Homicidal Sociopath’ Who Is Appealing To His ‘White Supremacist Base’

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Joy Behar Gov De Santis

Joy Behar told her co-hosts on “The View” this week that Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis was a “negligent, homicidal sociopath” because of his stance against mask mandates.

Behar’s co-host Whoopi Goldberg had said, “Governor DeSantis is banning mask mandates even though Florida has more kids in the hospital than any other state” she then asked “I mean, where’s the logic? What am I missing here, Joy? What am I missing?”

Breitbart reports: Behar said, “Nothing. Nothing. You’re just short of calling him a negligent, homicidal sociopath,” Behar replied. “Because that’s what he is. This guy — first of all, wasn’t he popular just a little while ago, silencing critics, no mandates for anything, covering up data, rescinding mask mandates? And now, 10,000 new cases yesterday of COVID. Eighty-seven percent increase in kids under 12. And then this sociopath, this dangerous criminal, he tells schools that they will rescind funding if they insist upon a mask mandate. So now the Broward County school board says you don’t have to wear a mask.”

She continued. “I mean, what is he doing? What is he doing? He’s risking the lives of children, children’s parents, their grandparents, anyone they may come in contact with so that he can appeal to his white supremacist base and continue in his career and get re-elected? I don’t know. Sunny, maybe you know whether this is negligent homicide. That’s what I call it.”

Co-host and network legal analyst Sunny Hostin said, “Well, I think it’s really difficult to hold public officials accountable for things like that, Joy and Whoopi because a lot of times you have qualified immunity in many instances.”


    • Exactly.

      87% increase in cases for kids under 12? That means absolutely nothing without context. There could’ve been 1 case of a kid testing positive a week before, and then 8 the following week. Hardly anything to be alarmed about. Also, how many have died? Been hospitalized? How do these numbers compare to 2019 flu hospitalizations and deaths of kids under 12? (also taking into consideration, nobody was getting “tested” for the flu back in 2019 even though we’re talking about the same symptoms).

      People so easily fall for and repeat the sensationalized numbers without stopping to think about context for a second.

      • In the Queensland state in Australia now 5 people died yesterday so they’re saying vivid vivid vivid look Lboook look and 5 people died yesterday as if it’s related in REALITY.

      • Some old and some dumb and some compliancy brainwashed mind controlled robotics do but most don’t That’s why in Australia after about a year of having vaccines offered 87per cent have declined their kind gesture and no one’s been sick and no one’s died despite a global pandemic raging for a year and a half A few dead people who would have died anyway .That’s all .Now they’re terrified the rest of the world will realize so are banging on with the flooding saturation media with covid concentration programming and nauseum .

    • Ice cream .A nose bleed ,A tickle in their tunny Whatever the drs decides is fit reason to put them up for “observation “for a week or two .I knew one kid in there ,costing taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars ie earning those bucks for hospital admin , because of a tummy ache He was a bit constipated and full of gas .U know one mummy who takes their kid to drs if they get a splinter or a blackhead or pimple There millions of them doing it because they get it free from NGS or because they want something back from their privat ised tax collection called healthcare .Mediscare Fraud usually .

  1. Missouri, Washington, Connecticut, California, Arkansas, Louisiana, Tennessee, and Nevada are all showing a slight increase in the number of Covid Deaths.

    What states and in what numbers are the illegal aliens being shipped to?

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