Judge Bans Former House Speaker Dennis Hastert From Being Alone With Children

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A US federal judge has ordered that former US House Speaker Dennis Hastert is never to be left alone with a minor.

Hastert is not permitted to be in the presence of anyone under 18,  unless there is an adult there who is aware of his crimes.

Press TV reports:

In his ruling on Tuesday from Chicago, US District Judge Thomas Durkin also ordered Hastert to install software that records all his computer activity, from browser history to email correspondence and internet chats.

The judge didn’t explain why the new restrictions on Hastert were called for now, three months into his two-year period of supervised release from prison.

Durkin sentenced Hastert, once one of the country’s most powerful politicians, to 15-months in prison in May 2016 for a financial crime linked to sexual abuse of boys.

Durkin described Hastert, 74, as “a serial child molester” during the sentencing.

He is America’s longest-serving Republican House speaker from 1999 to 2007 and the highest-ranking politician in US history to have gone to prison.

Hastert pleaded guilty in 2015 to violating banking rules as he sought to pay $3.5 million to a victim referred to only as Individual A to keep him quiet about the sex abuse.

Hastert couldn’t be charged with sexual abuse because statutes of limitation had long since expired.

Among the conditions Durkin set during sentencing in 2016 was that Hastert undergo intensive sex-offender treatment, which is designed to gauge the risk molesters still pose to children.

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