Kamala Harris: Intense and Brilliant BLM Protests ‘Are Not Going to Stop, Nor Should They’

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Democratic vice presidential nominee Sen. Kamala Harris heaped praise on the “intensity and brilliance” of the Black Lives Matter movement, before issuing a chilling warning to America as the nation reels from continued violence and destruction.

They are not going to stop, they are not going to stop, and nor should they,” the leftist Senator said in conversation with Stephen Colbert in June, before warning they will continue to Election Day in November — and beyond.

Seeing the commanality, the commonality of spirit is something that is so very powerful. We have arrived at a point in our country when we should recognize that this isn’t just a moment, it’s a movement,” said Harris.

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Colbert asked Sen. Harris “How important is it for these protests to continue?” which prompted a long diatribe about her decision to become a prosecutor.

It’s critically important and I’m going to tell you something,” replied Harris. “I made a very conscious decision to become a prosecutor. I grew up in a community that was not always on the best end of law enforcement in terms of how the laws were applied.

When I made a decision to become a prosecutor it was a conscious decision to go inside the system and have some leverage there to effectuate change. I say that to say this: The only way we are going to truly achieve change is when there are people in the system who are willing or pushing to do it and when there are those folks who are outside the system who are demanding it.

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I am very clear that some of the success that we have been able to achieve around criminal justice reform would not have happened in recent years if it wasn’t for Black Lives Matter. And the intensity and brilliance of that movement, that forced at least that there would be some counter force to the status quo, which is so reluctant to change if not hostile to change.

“That’s what these movements do.”

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