Chinese Customer Beheads Restaurant Owner

Fact checked

A Chinese customer at a noodle restaurant in central China beheaded the owner for allegedly overcharging him 3 Yuan (44 cents) for three bowls of noodles.

Shanghaiist reports:

The incident occurred on Saturday in Wuhan, the capital of Hubei province. After slurping down three bowls of noodles a 22-year-old migrant worker surnamed Hu claimed that the shop owner had overcharged him 1 yuan per bowl.

The owner reportedly dismissively rejected the man’s claims, leading to grisly altercation in which the customer beheaded the 42-year-old shop owner with a knife, depositing his head afterwards inside a nearby trash bin.

Police have arrested the suspect who comes from Sichuan province. He reportedly has a history of mental illness and violence, spending the first half of last year at a psychiatric hospital. Hu’s cousin said that Hu had frequently frightened his family with his violence, even beating up his own

“I have not taught my son well. I’m really sorry,” Hu’s mother told local reporters.

The shop owner had been living with his 13-year-old son after divorcing his wife 5 years ago. His friends have called him a honest man who would never overcharge a customer.


Police have cautioned web users against sharing grisly videos and photos of the attack which have spread on Chinese social media.