Keith Urban Slams Big Pharma for Pushing ‘Flu Shots’ at Golden Globes

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Keith Urban slams Big Pharma for pushing flu shots at Golden Globes

Keith Urban reacted in horror at the Golden Globes on Sunday night after Big Pharma aggressively pushed flu shots during the live show. 

During a disturbing segment hosted by Sandra Oh and Andy Samberg, an army of ‘doctors’ appeared on stage and dispersed themselves amongst the celebrity crowd, forcing attendees to receive mandatory flu shots. reports: While some of the celebrities were game for the lark, others weren’t so convinced. But the award for best reaction was quickly bestowed on Urban, who appeared to recoil in abject horror at the approaching needles.

Many Twitter users took to the platform to express similar horror that the Globes guests should have been rushed with needles, while others found amusement in Urban’s clear discomfort.

Here, if you watch the videos, you’ll spot the reaction on Keith Urban’s face that had everyone talking.

It soon became a whole mood:


  1. It wasn’t funny in the least…He had every right to jump back…Stop advertising your political views on award shows…

  2. Since Xi and his politburo own Hollyweird now, they wanted to share their VAX poison with their employees. How thoughtful!!!

  3. Who knows what was in the syringes. I wouldn’t just take a “flu” shot from someone in a white jacket just assuming they are a doctor. Suppose it has cancer causing agents. Then what?

  4. One of the most disgusting things I have ever seen. Vaccines are bio-weapons.

    I’m not asking, I’m telling.

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