Key Witness in Julian Assange Case Admits He Lied Repeatedly To Frame WikiLeaks Founder

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Top key witness in Julian Assange case admits to lying to frame the WikiLeaks founder

A key witness who has been relied upon to build the deep state’s case against Julian Assange has admitted that he lied constantly to help frame the WikiLeaks founder.

Sigurdur Ingi Thordarson confessed to reporters at Grabien that he lied about Assange to get the Department of Justice and FBI off of his back so he could commit criminal acts with impunity. reports: Thordarson had allegedly embezzled funds from WikiLeaks after offering to sell merchandise for the group. He then reached out to the federal government hoping to become an informant in order to save his own skin.

Additionally, “according to a psychiatric assessment presented to the court Thordarson was diagnosed as a sociopath, incapable of remorse but still criminally culpable for his actions,” Stundin reported, and this was an individual who has been tasked with building the case against Assange for the feds.

Big League Politics reported on how former president Donald Trump refused to pardon WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange after being threatened by GOP leadership:

President Donald Trump is not expected to pardon whistleblowers Edward Snowden and Julian Assange before leaving office tomorrow, with Senate Republicans holding impeachment over his head to stop him from striking back against the deep state.

The Mercury News has reported that “Trump is also not expected to pardon Edward Snowden or Julian Assange, whose roles in revealing US secrets infuriated official Washington.”

“While he had once entertained the idea, Trump decided against it because he did not want to anger Senate Republicans who will soon determine whether he’s convicted during his Senate trial. Multiple GOP lawmakers had sent messages through aides that they felt strongly about not granting clemency to Assange or Snowden,” they wrote.

President Trump will reportedly not pardon Assange and Snowden because he wants to placate the GOP swamp following the Jan.6 siege on the U.S. Capitol, which has caused many prominent Republicans to turn on the president and blame him for the violence that occurred. 

“As he departs office, Trump has expressed real concern that Republicans could turn on him. A conviction in the Senate impeachment trial would limit his future political activities and strip him of some of the government perks of being an ex-president,” the Mercury News stated.

“Trump is less worried about being barred from running from office again, and more concerned with the optics of being convicted by the Senate, people familiar with the matter said,” the report continued…

President Trump will be leaving the White House with the deep state stronger than ever, having failed in every sense to restore accountability to the so-called intelligence community. So much for “trust the plan,” eh?

Under the Biden regime, it is not likely that any of these new revelations could possibly help Assange. The land of the free is no more, and Assange’s crucifixion will send a message to all journalists that the 1st Amendment rights is no longer in effect.

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