U.S. Authorities Now Allowed To Kill Citizens By Firing Squad

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Death by firing squad authorised in U.S.

The U.S. government has authorised the use of killing citizens via firing squad in an overhaul of the death penalty laws in Mississippi. 

Due to the unconstitutional nature of lethal injections, a lawmaker proposed the idea of allowing the State to use gassing, firing squads or electrocutions instead.

Rt.com reports:

There’s no killing capital punishment in State Representative Andy Gipson’s (R-Braxton) House Bill 638.

His legislation would set up a list of replacement methods for execution should the state find any single one unconstitutional. In order, Gipson’s preference is lethal injection, followed by nitrogen hypoxia, firing squad and then Old Sparky, the electric chair.

HB 638 passed the Mississippi House of Representatives on Wednesday in a 75-43 vote.

House Judiciary B Chairman Andy Gipson, R-Braxton, said the bill has the support of Gov. Phil Bryant and Attorney General Jim Hood.

“I have a constituent whose daughter was raped and killed 25 years ago and the person is still awaiting execution,” Gipson said, according to the Clarion Ledger. “If we want to have the death penalty, this bill will give us options.”

The Hospitality State last executed someone in 2012. Since then, a federal lawsuit as well as motions brought to the state’s Supreme Court concerning fatal drug cocktails have led to a dearth in the supply of the lethal doses. Meanwhile, there are 47 inmates currently on death row.

Of the 33 states with the death penalty, only Oklahoma and Utah have a firing squad option. According to the Death Penalty Information Center, Mississippi used hanging from 1804 to 1940, then a mobile electric chair until 1952. From 1954 to 1989, the state used a gas chamber. In 1984, the legislature approved lethal injection.


  1. Good. Maybe some of these morons will think twice about putting themselves in the situations that they’d face it. More states should follow Mississippi’s lead!

  2. Good now go get the Clintons, Schumer, Schitt, McConnel, Booker, Menedez, Cuomo, Murphy, Brown, Newsom, Obama, Gowdy, Linsey, Rubio, well lets just start there for now.

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