Kim Kardashian To Divorce Kanye For Supporting Trump

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Kim Kardashian divorcing Kanye after he pledged his support for Trump

Kim Kardashian is planning to divorce husband Kanye West following the recent announcement that he supports Donald Trump.

Kim was spotted without a wedding ring on her finger last night, as photographers snapped a picture of the 36-year-old riding in a car with her three-year-old daughter North and one-year-old son Saint – without the usual ring on her wedding finger.

Reports of an imminent divorce began circulating immediately after Kanye announced his support for Trump at a concert in California last November.

The rapper told fans that if he had voted in this year’s election, “I would have voted for Trump.”

Shortly after the concert, Kanye was forcibly taken to a mental institution, as an embarrassed Kim arranged for the rapper to be reprogrammed due to his dangerously “off-script” outbursts.

Not only did Kanye publicly vow to support Trump, he also outed Jay Z and Hillary Clinton as “illuminati” agents at the same show.

“Jay-Z I know you got killers, please don’t send them at my head.”

The attempts at brainwashing Kanye have proven futile, however,  as a recent meeting between Kanye and Trump resulted in the rapper possibly joining the incoming administration as a special ambassador. Trump also offered to protect Kanye from his “illuminati handlers” – dropping a subtle hint to Kim Kardashian that her game was up. reports:

Kim’s bare ring finger is a sign that the reality TV star is ready to leave Kanye.

In Touch exclusively revealed that Kim has been quietly planning to leave her husband after his mental breakdown last month.

Sources said that Kim’s decision to leave Kanye is what is best for their two children.

She really thought Kanye was her soul mate and is absolutely devastated,” the source said. “But this isn’t what Kim signed up for when she married Kanye. She’s done.”

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