Melania Trump Rejects Islamic Headscarf In Saudi Arabia

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Melania Trump

When America’s first lady Melania Trump arrived at Saudi Arabia on Saturday on board Air Force One and was greeted by King Salman, she was notably not wearing a headscarf.

With the exception of foreigners, the Islamic kingdom requires women to cover their hair so as not to arouse men.

The Daily Caller reports:

The Muslim nation requires women to dress very conservatively in a black robe that covers the entire body when in public. Many Saudi women also cover their hair and face with a niqab.

Previous first ladies have also gone to the Islamic kingdom without covering their hair, such as Laura Bush and Michelle Obama.

Some liberals on Twitter pointed to President Trump’s 2015 tweet where he criticized Michelle Obama for the same thing. At the time, Trump tweeted:

Predictable snarkiness followed:

Some Twitter users were mad that the lack of a headscarf was being praised at all, but it is technically not required for foreigners to cover hair.

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