Klaus Schwab, Who Plans To Enslave Humanity, Mocks ‘Conspiracy People’ For Targeting Him

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Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum is engaged in open efforts to infiltrate their governments and to economically and medically enslave people. Now, Schwab is mocking the “conspiracy people” who are resisting his evil plans for world domination.

Bond villain wannabe Klaus Schwab and Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla sat down at the annual Davos conference on Thursday to discuss their “groundbreaking” plans to distribute vaccines globally while attacking those they describe as “conspiracy people” and “anti-vaxxers” who dare to resist their plans for global domination.

Bourla told Schwab that Pfizer has ensured governments around the world will continue to protect Big Pharma companies against lawsuits if vaccines they push on ordinary citizens are “not working out well.

With any other medicine, for example, we don’t ask anyone to do anything with liabilities,” Bourla said, adding “but with a vaccine, we knew that there is a very fanatic group of anti-vaxxers that would go after us no matter what.”

He continued, “They will claim that the sun didn’t go up because people were vaccinated and that created issues with the crop, ‘So, I’m suing you.’

And one thing it is to sue you in the US another thing is to sue you in a country where the legal system is not up to the standards of Switzerland. So, I think that’s behind us. Everything went okay and I think we can move on,” the Pfizer CEO proclaimed.

Schwab couldn’t resist the opportunity to mock those who have refused to fall in line with his plans. “I think we were — we were both targets of the anti-vaccine movements and conspiracy people claiming that I had triple — I wondered what it is — triple Covid.”

“I think you got hundreds of thousands of clicks and so on,” Schwab added, to which Bourla sarcastically replied “I read one day I was arrested by FBI.”

Same happened to me,” Schwab said.

The Pfizer head continued, “And there are pictures of me in the FBI offices — I don’t know how,” adding “The surprising thing it is that the same publication — had published the previous one that was arrested was the pope by FBI,” Bourla continued. “Ridiculous.

So we are in good company,” Schwab laughed.

Summit report:

Could the “conspiracy people” these two ghouls are speaking about be the same people who are concerned about Bourla and Schwab’s fantasies of ingestible computer chips that signal to authorities when a drug has been digested, to ensure “compliance”?

These psychopaths are the target of “conspiracy people” precisely because they are engaged in open efforts to subvert democracy, destroy sovereignty, and enslave the human race.

The fact they act surprised at this betrays just how deranged they really are.

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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Baxter Dmitry


  1. The truth is we don’t need these people, they need us. They have enough money between them to buy a country and live there by themselves but yet they need us bottom feeders to keep them up, provide for them. Maybe the bottom feeders should stop transporting anything to them. Let them clean their own homes, mow their own lawn, drive their own cars etc…wonder how long they would last.

  2. Their [the Jesuit-Illuminati’s] goal is to rule the world. The doctrine of this group is not democracy or communism, but is a form of fascism. The doctrine is totalitarian socialism. You must begin to think correctly. The Illuminati are not Communists, but some Communists are Illuminati. (1) Monarchism (thesis) faced democracy (antithesis) in WW1, which resulted in the formation of communism and the League of Nations (synthesis). (2) Democracy and communism (thesis) faced fascism (antithesis) in WW2 and resulted in a more powerful United Nations (synthesis). (3) Capitalism (thesis) now faces communism (antithesis) and the result will be the New World Order, totalitarian socialism (synthesis).”

    -William Cooper, Behold a Pale Horse, p. 79

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