Kobe Bryant’s ‘Bag Of Air’ Reaches $15,000 On Ebay

Fact checked

A bag purporting to contain air from Kobe Bryant’s last NBA game reached a bid of $15,000 on an eBay auction.

Kobe Bryant played his last game of a 20-year NBA career on Thursday helping the Lakers beat the Jazz 101-96.

Kobe scored 60 points and a career high record of 50 field goal attempts.


The Daily Dot reports:


But if you weren’t at the game, there is still a chance to breathe the rarified air that Bryant exhaled during his finale. No, literally. You can buy and then breathe the air.

As the Comeback reported, the initial bids for the plastic bags filled with oxygen were a reasonable $1. Then it was as if the bidders collectively got high together on nitrous oxide.

Apparently, the price for the bag of, well, something (or nothing) got as high as $15,500 before eBay pulled the auction.

But since the entrepreneurial spirit behind this exercise is such a breath of fresh air in an otherwise soulless world, another enterprising soul has posted a listing of another bag of supposed atmosphere gathered from Staples Center on Bryant’s final evening in uniform.

Sadly, as of 10:30 a.m. ET on Monday, nobody had bid in the newest auction. Which just goes to show that people who actually try to buy air are nothing but incompetent villains from a Mel Brooks movie.


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  1. Worship The Creator not the creations. Kobe will die like every human has or will. Kobe was a freakin’ ball hog. Stole millions from the L.A. Lakers , the Lakers sucked because Kobe hoarded most of the Salary Cap. who who buy anything belonging to Kobe?

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