Large 7.1 Earthquake Strikes Alaska, More Expected

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7.1 magnitude earthquake strikes Alaska, with more expected on the West coast

A large earthquake with a magnitude of 7.1 struck Alaska early on Sunday morning, causing pressure to be transferred down the West Coast of the United States triggering a further 4.2 earthquake East of Los Angeles. 

The USGS reported that there were no casualties or damage, but said “strong shaking” could be felt near Anchorage.

According to an earthquake expert, more quakes are expected to strike the NW/W region of the United States soon. reports:

The large earthquake in Alaska was expected to occur this week.  A forecast warning was issued for the region of Alaska, calling for possible very large movement.

Pisgah Crater Volcano was also expected to show renewed movement, and is a warning sign of building pressure on the West coast.   Every time we see dormant volcanoes show movement down the West coast, we then see larger activity develop off the coast to the Northwest.

The most recent earthquake forecast videos covered this topic – Pressure building to the NW — the fact that a large earthquake was / is looming in the region.

See the videos here:

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