Nobel Prize Awarded To Team Whose Work Led To Development Of ‘Effective Covid mRNA Vaccines’

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Controversy has erupted over the Nobel Prize being awarded for the development of mRNA vaccine

Those who have questioned its safety and highlighted risks that were identified years ago, allege that Big Pharma has corrupted science in its rush to expand commercial applications.

Doctors and scientists who have been (and still are) critical of the ‘covid’ jabs were highly critiical of the Norwegian Nobel Committee after it awarded the 2023 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine to a pair of University of Pennsylvania biochemists whose research led to the development of !effective mRNA vaccines against Covid-19.”

The truth is that these two scientists were rewarded for inventing an mRNA injection containing spike protein which affects and even destroys the human immune system.

The Defender reports: Katalin Karikó, Ph.D., and Drew Weissman, M.D., Ph.D., on Monday were awarded the prize for their “groundbreaking findings … of how mRNA interacts with our immune system [and for contributing] to the unprecedented rate of vaccine development during one of the greatest threats to human health in modern times,” according to the Nobel Committee press release.

Dr. Robert Malone, the reputed inventor of mRNA technology, responded on X/Twitter:

“Karikó and Weissman get the Nobel, not for inventing mRNA vaccines (because I did that) but for adding the pseudouridine that allowed unlimited spike toxins to be manufactured in what could have been a safe and effective vaccine platform, if safely developed.”

Malone challenged the integrity of the award, claiming Big Pharma was behind it.

“Pfizer has been campaigning for this since 2020 — at first, they’ve claimed (as did Karikó) that she invented the mRNA vaccine technology,” he said, noting that “Pfizer donates heavily to the Karolinska Institutet, which awards the Nobel.”

“Science has been hijacked again by big pharma,” he concluded.

Dr. Peter McCullough said, “This Nobel decision will not do well over the course of history,” citing the World Council for Health’s pharmacovigilance report of adverse events for the COVID-19 vaccines:

Other notable researchers, scientists and organizations also weighed in. Here is a sampling:

Children’s Health Defense President Mary Holland told The Defender:

“Scientific evidence suggests that mRNA products will never be safe for all people or animals, and yet the headlong rush to ‘immunize’ everyone in the world continues.

“The gap between evidence and propaganda has never been greater; it’s revolting to see the Nobel Prize serve propaganda rather than science.”

A photo of Karikó and Weissman, both wearing face masks while holding prize plaques, surfaced on Twitter soon after the announcement. Some claimed it was photoshopped, although PBS/NPR posted it in an article about the Nobel Prize winners. The photo was later identified as originating from a 2022 event in Japan.

As can be see above, they created vaccinations so effective that they received their awards wearing masks!

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