Laura Ingraham Says US Riots Are Part Of ‘Coordinated Effort’ To Overthrow Government

Fact checked

Fox News host Laura Ingraham has claimed that the ‘well funded’ and ‘well organized’ riots are part of a ‘coordinated effort to eventually overthrow’ the US government

On her “The Ingraham Angle” show on Monday she reacted to the violent protesters and accused them of trying to “murder America”

Fox News reports: “All people of good faith agree that what happened to GeorgeFloyd was heinous and depraved, it was murder,” Ingraham began, “But that’s not what we are seeing on our violent streets. We are not seeing outrage really expressed about that. And that’s not what the criminals and the domestic terrorists are perpetrating as they use Mr. Floyd’s killing to try and murder America.

“Earlier in the day, Floyd’s own brother issued a call for peace … but this isn’t what Antifa wants or cares about and it’s not what other radical elements want. They want war,” Ingraham went on. “They want to tear down what took us almost 250 years to build, literally and figuratively.”

Ingraham said those responsible for hijacking formerly peacefuly protests are focused on creating “chaos, terror, and fear across America.”

“Don’t you dare lie to the American people by saying that any of this had anything to do, at its violent core, with George Floyd,” she said.

“The aim of these criminal enterprises, including Antifa, but not limited to Antifa, is to undermine confidence in our institutions of government at all levels, local, state, and federal,” the host went on. “These … acts of violence are part of a coordinated effort to eventually overthrow the United States government. It’s well-funded and it’s well organized on social media.


  1. Course Theyve never forgiven the Americans for the war of independence They funded the formation of America not the americans.

  2. Maybe? but these leftist thugs had better get in line to overthrow our constitutional government and institutions! Parasitic Capitalism and Central Banking have hollowed out America and much of the world. A Full takeover is imminent. Read Paul Craig Roberts “Gangster State Capitalism” June 5, 2020. Paul Craig Roberts DOT Org..

    • It’s the very same people doing both of those actions. Do some research, you need to know the big picture and what their endgame is.

      • Agree with your first sentence obviously.. your second implies I don’t know much so I am compelled to disagree with that. 🙂 I’ll offer you similar advice. Do some introspection and learn to treat others with more respect. Cheers!

  3. What we see today is the result of obama’s fundamental change. HRC would have had us right here within months of her election and by now all of us remaining…. yes, remaining, in chains to her new order of control.

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