Leftist Goes Home With Migrants To ‘Prove Racists Wrong’, Gets Raped

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A Swedish woman who met two Afghan migrants during a night out and decided to go home with them "to prove racists wrong" was beaten and repeatedly raped.

A Swedish woman who met two Afghan migrants during a night out in Stockholm and decided to go home with them “to prove racists wrong” was beaten and repeatedly raped, according to police.

The woman, a far left activist who was a member of a Facebook group protesting against “racists and xenophobes” who are against Sweden’s mass migrant policy, chose to spend the evening with the Afghans to prove that they are not dangerous, according to her friends.

The woman, a member of an anti-deportation group, told police: “I have never been afraid or worried about people from other countries” and “I thought it was quite interesting to talk with them”.

However when they arrived at the men’s room in their asylum accommodation, the situation changed rapidly. The men drank alcohol and one of them started touching her, even though she repeatedly told him she wanted him to stop.

Later, one of the men, identified only as Anwar, raped her vaginally and anally, while the other masturbated next to her. It was a very painful experience she said.

After getting away from the migrants the woman called the police. The two Afghans were arrested and were convicted last week by the Växjö District Court.

Anwar is convicted of rape. His sentence was one year and three months in prison. He will also pay 134,990 SEK (13,000 euros) in damages to the woman. Fardin is sentenced for sexual abuse and he will pay 23,990 SEK (2,300 euros) in damages to the victim. The prosecutor did not order Fardin to be expelled.

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