Legacy Media Says The Term ‘Globalist’ Is Antisemitic & Should Be Banned

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The legacy media is now arguing that the term ‘Globalist’ is an antisemitic slur that should be banned

Some are actually saying that using the word to describe the political ideology of preferring super state over state is racist term against Jewish people.

Several people, including Brexit leader Nigel Farage, installing former Goldman Sachs banker and World Economic Forum (WEF) acolyte Rishi Sunak as UK prime minister was was a “globalist coup”.

Now left-wing figures are attempting to make the very term “globalist” a racist slur, claiming that it is antisemitic.

Breitbart reports: Last week, Nigel Farage tweeted: “Jeremy Hunt is now running the country. This is a globalist coup.” Mr Farage went on to make similar comments following the installation of Grant Shapps as Home Secretary.

The statements were condemned by Jewish groups, despite the fact that Mr Hunt is not Jewish but rather a member of the Church of England. Mr Shapps comes from a Jewish family.

Criticising the use of the term, Marie van der Zyl, the president of the Board of Deputies of British Jews, said: “Antisemitism experts such as the Anti Defamation League identify ‘globalist’ as a common antisemitic trope based on conspiracy theories about international Jewish power. Politicians should avoid using the term, particularly when referring specifically to Jewish individuals.”

The linguistic dispute came to a head on Sunday, when a caller to the LBC radio station echoed Mr Farage’s sentiments in describing Sunak as a “globalist” who “doesn’t seem to love England”.

For this remark, LBC host Sangita Myska, formerly of the BBC, chastised the caller, saying: “As we continue this conversation, please don’t use the phrase globalist again because many of my Jewish listeners will find that incredibly offensive because it has also been used, at times, as a racist put down to the Jewish community.”

“That’s not true,” the listener shot back. “If I meant Jewish, I’d say Jewish.”

Commenting on the exchange, Mr Farage, who was previously a host for LBC, lamented: “Words being banned by mainstream media, this is not good”.

Mr Farage also shared the Oxford English Dictionary’s definition of globalism, which states: “The belief that events in one country affect those in all other countries, and that economic and foreign policy should benefit the world as a whole instead of individual countries.”

Anglican deacon and GB News host Calvin Robinson also took aim at language policing from the media, writing on social media: “Be wary of anyone who hears ‘globalist’ and thinks ‘THE JEWS!’

“As ever, they are the very thing they accuse us of. A globalist is a politician who operates on an international perspective, rather than a local/national perspective. It’s only a slur in the mind of antisemitics.”

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