Lightning Strike Tourist Suffers Heart Attack At Historic Knossos

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Lightning Strike

A Lightning strike in Crete caused a woman tourist to suffer a heart attack. Eighteen others were injured and treated by medics at the archaeological site in Knossos, Crete.

The lightening bolt did not damage the famous historic ruins of Knossos, one of Greece’s most famous archaeological sites. The Russian tourist was sheltering under a tree when she was stuck by a lightning bolt. She suffered a heart attack and her heart gave way .

The 48-year-old woman was fighting for her life until medics managed to restart her heart. Other tourists fainted or were in a state of shock because of the loud blast during the lightning strike.

The Daily Mail reports:

Local health officials confirmed the 46-year-old woman suffered a heart attack, while 11 others were also taken to hospital with light injuries or suffering from shock.

Greek authorities say the tourists have been injured in a lightning strike at the archaeological site of Knossos, on the southern island of Crete.

Health officials say one of the tourists, a 46-year-old woman, suffered a heart attack but was out of danger after being treated in hospital. The remaining 11 people taken to hospital had light injuries or were suffering from shock.

The accident occurred early Friday inside the ruins of the prehistoric palace of Knossos, near the port city of Iraklio in northern Crete. The injured people were part of a group of Russian tourists.

There were no immediate reports of damage to the ancient site, which is one of Greece’s main archaeological attractions.

The lighting struck at 9.30am. Several people fainted and others suffered shock because of the loud noise of the strike.

Local Greek media reported that the woman was revived at the scene and brought back to life by three doctors using a defibrillator and transferred to a local hospital.

It is understood that six of the Russian tourists were sitting under a pine tree which was struck by the lightning bolt.

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