‘Like A War Zone’: Shocking Images Reveal Extent of Destruction After BLM Riots Leave Kenosha In Ruins

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Harrowing images of senseless destruction have emerged from Kenosha, Wisconsin, where several nights of Black Lives Matter riots have left the town looking more like a war zone in Syria or Somalia than an American city.

Entire buildings have been destroyed and reduced to rubble, businesses have been smashed up and torched, and parking lots full of burnt-out cars are all that’s left in some parts of the town, including the black business district.

The riots over the shooting of 29-year-old black suspect Jacob Blake only came to a halt after President Trump sent the National Guard to restore order.

Josh Glancy, Washington Bureau Chief of the Sunday Times documented some of the aftermath, which locals believe was caused largely by “out of towners” bused in to the community to cause trouble.

“As we were talking, a young man came to ask the owner where the nearest post box was. ‘There used to be two across the street,’ he replied. ‘But they both just got burnt.‘”

Josh Glancy’s story in the Sunday Times was titled “Charred ruins of Kenosha endanger Joe Biden’s march to presidency.

It’s not just Kenosha. Americans are fed up with lawlessness and disorder and the Democrats who coddle these criminals.

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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Baxter Dmitry


  1. Did they bring tanks in to this riot? How else would concrete and stone buildings become rubble otherwise? This was clearly an engineered event. There are posts online of National Guard groups staging in Kenosha days before the riots started.

    • Rebar in re-enforced concrete becomes like rubber when it it heated.

      Almost all brick houses are framed with a wood infrastructure..

      When wood burns, and brick mortar is heated and dried, and rebar is softened, a brick wall or ceiling can collapse.

    • Brick facades and buildings are supported from the inside. When the inside burns and destroys the framework, the roof caves in and the brickwork collapses as well. Most of these buildings have a lot of age and a roaring fire on the inside would cause them to collapse.

    • If the national guard had been present, or tanks and other heavy equipment had been rumbling up and down the streets knocking buildings down, there would be hundreds of videos of that on social media. There were none.

  2. Even more votes for Trump. People are sick of this and the Dems just let it happen. They want anarchy. They love it. They encourage it. And the more they let it happen, the more votes for Trump.

    • ” they in there hate Jesus and hate Christian’s ” ex Pope Bebeducrmt describing the residents of Vatican City All roads .NB he DID NOT make a distinction between catholic or protestant Christians. They hate them all ,they who HATE Jesus

  3. This is the Birth of a Slum! Businesses are leaving or have left and will not be back. Taxpaying residents will soon follow.

    There will be no Kenosha in a few years.

    The domestic terrorists that did this are the militant wing of the Democrat Party. As far as the Dems are concerned, American citizens and their families and their businesses are just expendable collateral damage in their savage quest for power.

    This is the Democrat utopia.

    They are the militant wing of the Democrat Party. As far as the Dems are concerned, American citizens and their families and their businesses are just expendable collateral damage in their savage quest for power.

    This is what the Democrats will do to gain power. Imagine what they will do when they get it!!



    TRUMP 2020!!



  4. “worst hit area is uptown, beating heart of the city’s black community.” Won’t it be poetic justice for these bused in folks to be mostly white using this rue of a protest as a means to destroy black communities as an act of bigotry. If there is any group possessed with racism it is white lefties.In many cases they are more visually engaged in it than blacks. And yet they have no qualms about trashing their businesses. How does this make sense?

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