‘No Vital Signs’: Fmr PM Abe Assassinated With ‘Improvised Handgun’ in ‘Gun Free Japan’

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Former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is showing no vital signs after being shot from behind with an improvised double-barrel handgun during a speech in Nara, Japan.

Abe, who served two terms as prime minister of Japan and remained hugely influential in global politics, has suffered from cardiac arrest after being taken to the hospital, according to police and fire officials, reports Kyodo News.

The 67-year-old was shot from approximately 10 feet away. The suspect, 41-year-old Yamagami Tatsuya, did not attempt to flee, but reportedly crouched down after firing two shots and stayed on the scene until his arrest on an attempted murder charge.

Japan has some of the strictest gun laws in the world, with almost zero tolerance for personal ownership of firearms.


Shinzo Abe was a critic of the New World Order and was re-elected for a rare second term in 2012 with a mandate to defend his country from the Chinese Communist Party and their friends in the highest echelons of the United Nations.

Abe was never afraid of speaking his mind, recently criticizing the Western response to the war in Ukraine, pointing out that Ukraine Prime Minister Zelensky was responsible for the conflict.

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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  1. Course Zelensky wasn’t responsible He was is just the front. The minute Putin entered Ukraine, the very first day, immediately our PM was on the TV declaring Putin 300 members of the government and the Oligarch’s war criminals You know then straight away that it was a entrapment using the threat of biological weapons. Totally like sending the American war fleet of battleships to japan’s front door and acting innocent. Worse More sneaky and done over the years since 2014. Very cleverly played and in both cases the party acting defensively gets labelled guilty.
    And Abe s the example ole now to keep others mouths shut.
    That s how you terrorise people into silence

    • And now Abes dead and so today’s date will reflect his assassination by a gunman in all the history books and it will over rude Boris s “stepping down”. The massive GLOBAL whitewashing cover up defense and glamoyrisation of Boo boos ejection by his party after a prolonged shoving and pushing and demanding he go for all the as our Johnson sycophantic media described it “plague of problems”,is absolutely unbelievable The crowds chanting out out out at Downing Street completely ignored by the msm. All of it, their coverage of his stepping down, is the most blatant whitewash that I even believe that they would hqve killed 2 birds with one stone there That’s what theyre like. That ruthless Total zero conscience Zero.

      • And Boris shrugged off his being booted out against his wishes saying, something like that’s life you win some lose some, trivialising it all BUT the curious thing he said was “no one’s indispensable” Why did he say that. Every PM gets kicked out one way or another always. Why did he say that. No one’s indispensable, like the Queens “we are all disposable to them”. Abd then Abe who went against their storyline shot dead the same day. Serendipity Co incidence. Not likely.

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