Lindsey Graham Says US Must Invade Venezuela To Scare Iran & North Korea

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The United States needs to invade Venezuela to “put points on the board” according to Sen. Lindsey Graham

The notorious warmonger suggested that President Trump “put military force on the table” by invading Venezuela to scare North Korea and Iran into doing as they’re told.

What could possibly go wrong?

RT reports: “Give Cuba an ultimatum – without Cuba, Maduro doesn’t last one day – tell Cuba to get out of Venezuela. Do what Reagan did in Grenada – put military force on the table!” Graham told a Fox News host, going from zero to invasion in ten seconds flat in response to a question about how Trump should handle his foreign conflicts.

We need points on the board,” the South Carolina senator insisted. “Start with your own backyard… Fix Venezuela and everybody else will know you’re serious.” North Korea and Iran, he implied, would fall right into line after Venezuela was put in its place.

While Graham paid lip service to the president’s non-military accomplishments, reluctantly congratulating him on slowing down North Korea’s nuclear ambitions, his advice didn’t include much by way of diplomacy: “When it comes to Rocketman, letters don’t matter anymore to me, it’s performance.” Graham notably called for Trump to “end the nuclear threat” mere hours after the president’s Hanoi summit with the North Korean leader collapsed.

Graham’s Monroe-doctrine-on-steroids patter isn’t exactly unfamiliar to those who’ve been following his bellicose ravings – the Republican senator dropped a Grenada reference just last month as Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro prepared to meet his US-backed would-be replacement Juan Guaido in Oslo for negotiations, perhaps seeing his chance for a war in South America slipping away.

It’s easy to see why Graham would take such a fond view of Reagan’s bullheaded 1983 Grenada invasion. While it was universally condemned – the UN deemed it a “flagrant violation of international law” by a vote of 108 to 9, and even UK PM Margaret Thatcher privately disapproved (though she backed her ally in public) – Americans supported the invasion, having been convinced via a well-orchestrated propaganda campaign that a few hundred American medical students on the island were in mortal danger under the island’s new government.

Reagan hoped the neat and tidy four-day invasion would shore up Americans’ faith in their own military, which had been on a steady downhill slide since Vietnam, and Graham appears to believe the US would similarly receive a morale boost from Venezuela, despite the obvious differences in population and military power.


  1. ONLY IF YOU’RE going TOO, Limpsey….”Points on the board” = dead GIs IRL …..

  2. The US and their ring-ins can’t even defeat the Taliban in Afghanistan after 18 years. A better result there would have “put points on the board” (or are they just there for the drugs?). Graham needs to be locked up in a secure space. He’s a hazard.

    • The amewhoricans have never been much good at “having a go”….. they are however good at undermining governments and sticking there nose into everybody’s business where it is not wanted.. but as for guts.. no they have none.. they are gutless…. and soon china and Russia will nuke amewhorica….. no great loss… its a good thing..

      • We have a new sheriff in town named Donald Trump and he is NOT like the presidents before. Apparently you haven’t noticed though, which is sad.

        • The people (not “corporate citizens”) must do their part peacefully and wisely as in the documents and be the supporting foundation for our country and future generations. Much is at risk.

        • Trump is a stooge. You Americans just cant wake up. Trump is just the newest version. You will soon see. He is entertaining though have to say that much.

  3. what a stupid stupid man…..these amewhoricans seem to get blinded by their own self importance…. it has served to destroy amewhorica as a whole…. That’s the pride demon ..these amewhoricans are covered in demons…… yes folks demons are real.. and you all have them on you in one way or another….
    Proverbs 16:18 New International Version (NIV)
    18 Pride goes before destruction,
    a haughty spirit before a fall.

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