Brussels Warns Britain Won’t Be Leaving EU This Year Even With No Deal

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Brussels has issued a no-deal Brexit warning as Boris Johnson took to the stage to launch his Tory leadership bid.

Britain will not be leaving the European Union this year, even in the event of a no-deal, according to Brussels.

Eurocrats say they believe that Boris Johnson will be the next UK prime minister and that he will do a U-turn on his promise to leave on October 31.

The Daily Mail reports: Even in the event of a cliff-edge exit, they believe EU leaders would sign off on a short extension for a ‘controlled No Deal’ which would last into the beginning of 2020.

However, EU officials are working on the assumption that Mr Johnson will not insist on forcing through No Deal because this would trigger a no confidence vote by MPs and end his premiership. 

Instead, they expect him to use his ‘charm and charisma’ to sell an amended version of the current deal which Theresa May was not capable of delivering. 

A senior EU source said: ‘A lot of people are scared about Boris, but I don’t think he is the worst of all. 

‘I think Boris can sell things back home that Theresa May probably couldn’t… 

If people really brief Boris and talk him through the implications of No Deal, I think he will really think twice.’ 

Another senior source added: ‘Whatever happens, you’ll probably end up with a short-term extension of two or three months. 

‘It will either be a short extension for a controlled No Deal, or to allow for getting a deal to pass through the [UK] parliament.’ 


  1. EU is like the ultimate cancer. Once it attaches itself to a host, it is practically impossible to detach again.
    It demands more and more treatments to no avail. It will eventually suck the life out of you.

  2. Unfortunately he is probably right. BoJo is a creature from the “ruling class” which is wholly owned by the Satanic Tribe which is hell bent on the New World Order/One World Government.
    Democracy is a charade and a farce.

  3. I must give you guys at Newspunch a hat tip! You often brake big stories that only arrives days later in the MSM. Its a damned shame that on google search and duckduckgo, search results for your site comes up as fake news. Maybe you guys should take them on about that.

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