Louise Mensch Tells Cameron And The Queen To ‘F**k Off’

Fact checked

Former Conservative MP Louise Mensch vented her disgust on Twitter today, telling both David Cameron and the Queen to “fuck off”.

Her anger stems from the British Government declaring a day of mourning following the death of King Abdullah on Thursday and therefore flying flags at half mast.

She launched a tirade of attacks on public figures who paid tribute to the late King.

When the British embassy in Riyadh tweeted Cameron’s condolences, Mensch replied with: “FUCK YOU #FREETHE4”


Upon being informed by Paul Twinn that the half mast order was made by Buckingham Palace, hence: “So the Queen then”, Mensch retorted: “FUCK HER.”



She later retracted the tweet directed at the Queen, saying, “Tbf, somebody pointed out it was the Queen on the advice of the government, so I redouble it to Cam, withdraw to HM.”

She also tweeted: “It is so unacceptable to offer deep condolences for a man who flogged women, didn’t let them drive, saw guardian laws passed & STARVES THEM.”