Macron Trembles With Fear As Crowd Chant ‘Get Out! F**k You!’ to His Face

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Macron trembles with fear as crowd chant 'fuck you' to his face

French President Emmanuel Macron was left visibly shaken up recently when a large crowd of disenfranchised citizens chanted “Get out! F**k you!” to his face.

The incident occurred during Macron’s visit to Algeria. In a viral video, the President can be seen facing the crowd in the city of Oran.

Macron can be seen waving like a member of royalty saying “thank you!” before getting into his car.

However, the crowd did not react cordially: according reports, the crowd began chanting “get out!”, “How is Brigitte?”, “fu** you!” and “France eats us,” before singing “one two three, long live Algeria!” reports: The visit comes after an escalation of tensions between Paris and Algeria last year, which was caused by Macron’s suggestion that the African nation did not exist before French colonization. He also said there would be “no repentance nor apologies” for French rule over Algeria.

Following the escalation and toughening visa restrictions, Algeria recalled its ambassador in protest for three months.