Macy Gray Trashes U.S. Flag Again: ‘It Represents Hate and Divisiveness’

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Macy Gray trashes the US. flag again saying its hateful and divisive

Far-left singer Macy Gray doubled down on her calls to replace the American flag, saying it represents “hate” and “divisiveness.”

The Grammy-winning singer demanded that the U.S. flag be redesigned for “the rest of us who aren’t part of that tribe.”

“Why do we have to celebrate a flag that now represents divisiveness and hate?” Gray asked FOX 11’s Susan Hirasuna, doubling down on remarks she made in an op-ed, in which she declared that the American flag “no longer represents democracy and freedom.”

“I shouldn’t have to salute it, I shouldn’t have to honor it, I shouldn’t have to pledge to it,” the singer told Hirasuna. “All I’m saying is let’s redesign the flag for the rest of us who aren’t a part of that tribe.” reports: “The people there [the January 6 protests] held it up as their symbol, as this is what America represents. We’re threatening to hang the vice president, and our gang sign is the flag,” she said, describing her pitch for a redesigned America flag, which contains 52 stars including Puerto Rico and D.C. All of the stars in her pitch are multi-shaded, representing all skin tones across the melanin scale.

“Assuming D.C. reps would be African-American and Puerto Rican reps would be Hispanic, the ultimate assumption is that these elected officials would be Democratic. That alone is racist,” she wrote in her op-ed, explaining her reasoning for including 52 stars instead of 50.

“We want to keep the red and blue because the red stands for courage, the blue stands for vigilance, integrity and all these things and then there’s the white, which the Smithsonian says means purity. So, I’m saying, which I don’t think anyone can disagree with me on this is that America is not exactly pure,” she continued in the interview.

Gray, in the viral op-ed, compared the American flag to the Confederate flag and said it has been “hijacked as code for a specific belief.”

“God bless those believers, they can have it. Like the Confederate, it is tattered, dated, divisive, and incorrect. It no longer represents democracy and freedom. It no longer represents ALL of us. It’s not fair to be forced to honor it. It’s time for a new flag,” Gray wrote, detailing her grievances.

“Pure, it ain’t. It is broken and in pieces,” she said of America, referencing the white stripes of the flag.

“What if the stripes were OFF-white? What if there were 52 stars to include D.C. and Puerto Rico? What if the stars were the colors of ALL of us — your skin tone and mine — like the melanin scale?” the “My Nutmeg Phantasy” artist asked.

The R&B singer is not the only far-left celebrity to publicly bash America in recent days. Mere days ago, actor John Cusack, who has accumulated an estimated $50 million net worth in his near forty-year Hollywood career, declared America as “fucking awful.”


  1. That’s what Eldridge Cleaver once said, until he left the US to live in a few of the “enlightened” Socialist countries. Then he came back and said that the US was the greatest country in the world, right after he joined the Republican Party. I know, because he told me that personally.

  2. Oh shes so tragically ignorant if the history and reality and so brainwashed by neo nazis machinations and disingenuities the poor girls her own worst enemy

  3. I’m sure she is talking about herself and all the other Knee Grows that are killing and burning the cities down.

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