Manhattan Chef Who Served Donald Trump ‘Sperm Burger’ Fired From Job

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A Manhattan chef at a five star restaurant who confessed to "spiking" President Donald Trump's food with his sperm has been fired from his job.

A Manhattan chef at a five star restaurant who confessed to “spiking” President Donald Trump’s food with his sperm has been fired from his job.

Michael Briggs shared the anecdote with his colleagues at their work Christmas party on Friday, boasting that he “tampered” with Donald Trump’s food “as a gut reaction response against his policies.”

“He walked in with his entourage and took a seat and my blood just started to boil,” Mr. Briggs told his colleagues. “I’m thinking, Dreamers are getting kicked out. Mexicans are getting discriminated against. He pulled ads for open enrollment in Obamacare. Puerto Ricans were treated like trash. Palestinians are in crisis. I’m thinking, he’s probably been at the damn golf course all day.”

“So I whipped it out and jacked off onto his burger and then covered up the crime with a big, fat splash of ketchup.”

News of Mr. Briggs’ exploits quickly spread after colleagues began sharing the story on social media. Many hailed Briggs as a hero, with some saying he should run in the 2020 election. Radio hosts also picked up on the story.

However, according to Mr. Briggs, marketing company bosses called him into the company office on Monday and fired him.

“They were like, ‘We’re letting you go,’” Mr. Briggs said. “‘Basically, you cannot perform obscene actions in our kitchens and you cannot adulterate anybody’s food, much less the POTUS’s food.’ So they were calling jacking off obscene.”

He also said the company was displeased he had also shared the anecdote on Twitter and Facebook, and told him it violated social media policy and could hurt the company’s reputation.

Mr. Briggs said he pointed out that his social media pages do not mention his employer, and that the posts “provoked an overwhelmingly positive response.”. He also said another employee had written a foul-mouthed insult about President Trump on Facebook, but had been allowed to keep his job after deleting the post and being reprimanded.

Suddenly, the 39-year-old father of two is looking for another job.

Michael Briggs, who votes Democratic, says he plans to look for a new job in a new industry, perhaps with an advocacy group he believes in, such as Planned Parenthood or People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA).

He says he has no regrets about the attention his show of displeasure received. In fact, he said, ejaculating on Donald Trump’s burger “changed my life, it has made me a real man.”

“In some ways, I’m doing better than ever,” he said. “I’m angry about where our country is right now. I am disgusted. This was an opportunity for me to do something.”

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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  1. I hope he gets sued out of existence and rot in a prison cell. Was it worth it? You disgusting piece of scum.

  2. No dickwad, a real man would have gone out and personally told POTUS how he felt, not pleasuring himself and putting his sperm on a burger. Though, I seriously doubt this man actually did what he said in that I doubt he can actually get a stiffy without a little boy by his side.

  3. No, after jerking off into his food, you revelaed how a big a fucking POS you really are…
    show up my place looking for job you pathetic f….k and I’ll sick my dogs on you!

    • No he didn’t..hes just seeking attention…. unfortunately even people magazine wont pay him for this story…lol..what a dickhead.. a very homeless dickhead soon enough…

  4. What the fuck is it with these wankers these days who are wearing glasses almost as big as their silly heads….. is it supposed to meake them look intelligent…lol..fuken wankers…lol its as silly as guys wearing little girls “buns” in their not long enough hair to have a ponytail… lol..

    • A 5-star restaurant will serve a burger if the president wants it. It’s called Gracious Hosting.

  5. I wish this man crushing poverty, disease and homelessness for Christmas. Complete pig. No mercy, nothing but contempt. DOJ needs to investigate for every possible crime imaginable, and let him do a stint in prison where he will get a daily dose of the same.

  6. what a dumbass, very high-schoolish prank. Why would someone who has a good job like that with a family do something that stupid? He’s lucky he wasn’t arrested.

  7. He should be killed. I would kill him if he did that to my food. the I would spit on him and then pee on him and kick him a few hundred times, take a break and then hack him up into little pieces, box him up and send him to his mother.

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