‘Mass Formation Psychosis’: 57% of Gen Z Taking Medication for ‘Serious Mental Illness’

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57 percent of Gen Z are taking medication for mental illnesses

After living through almost three years of lockdowns, isolation, harmful mandates, and being fed fear propaganda, Generation Z are now dealing with several serious mental health conditions.

According to an analysis conducted by Harmony Healthcare IT, millions of young adults are dealing with a new mental health crisis as a result of the covid-19 pandemic.

Naturalnews.com reports: According to the Pew Research Center, Generation Z represents the generation born between 1997 and 2012, which encompasses approximately 68 million young people (ages 10-25). The latest survey finds that 42 percent of Generation Z now struggle with mental health problems, and many of these issues are treated with daily therapy and medication. These problems include anxiety disorders, attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Eighty percent deal with bouts of depression, and 90 percent deal with anxiety on a daily basis.

Loneliness, uncertainty, anxiety and depression now grip most young people

A majority of young people who responded to the survey (75%) report that the pandemic (lock down) era negatively impacted their mental health, bringing about severe loneliness and an overwhelming uncertainty about the future. Of the 1,000 respondents, 20% now see a therapist on a regular basis, and 39% get therapy for mental health issues once a week. A shocking 57% take some form of medication on a regular basis just to cope. This generation is two times more likely to struggle with emotional distress than the two generations that came before – Millennials and Generation X.

Many of these mental struggles are based on Gen Z’s beliefs about the future. A majority (85%) openly admit that they are worried about the future in general. They worry about things like the economy, having enough money to survive, the environment, and the increasingly divided political landscape. Nearly 90% believe that their generation won’t be successful at all in the future, and 75% believe their generation is at a disadvantage when compared to previous generations.

Much of the worry comes down to personal finances, as 90% fear that they can’t make ends meet each month. Sixty-six percent of the respondents don’t feel financially stable at all. About half of the respondents don’t feel ready to join the workforce, and most are concerned about the future of the economy. During the covid-19 scandal, governments destroyed the value of the currency, defrauding the public. This has driven up the cost of practically everything, making it nearly impossible for one to survive on the old minimum wage, let alone purchase a home.

Young people face constant psychological abuse and spiritual oppression

On top of the economic uncertainty, the young generation is dealing with massive amounts of psychological abuse and spiritual oppression stemming from government and pharmaceutical propaganda and abusive mandates. An entire generation is being trained to fear the unknown, to accept germaphobia as a way of life, and to live isolated on screens. This generation has been taught that coming together to worship God is a prohibited act, but charging through streets demanding social justice is an act of virtue. This generation has been taught to stay home and stay safe, while team sports, group activities, and church assembly are shuttered. The very activities that bring people together, that promote community and achievement are replaced by a screen-driven life, dictated by algorithms and ads, where real knowledge is buried and propaganda is disseminated only to manipulate and control.

This generation is having the individuality stripped from them, as they are taught to take the role of a victim and find refuge on the ever-expanding spectrum of false gender identities and stereotypes. Young people are now expected to go along with Marxist ideals that strip them of their dignity, as they are indoctrinated to succumb to some societal cause of safety and “greater good.” But no matter what the young people are promised – free this, free that, a more inclusive society – the dictates of this Marxist state only depress them further. Not only are they being stripped of their unique individuality, but their minds are being programmed to follow group think narratives that dictate their path in life. Their struggle to build character is mired by the conveniences of the screens and the droning away of artificial dopamine rushes. Their God-given potential is being suppressed by false gods, vanity, bitterness, envy, get-rich-quick schemes, and other hollow pursuits.

The next generation will see a spiritual revival, the kind that sears sin, the kind that comes from personal change and growth, the kind that brings a renewal of faith, the kind that seeks the Savior of the soul.


  1. That 15 year period was marked by young people going to. Raves and popping ecstasy That drug made in Holland mainly, causes frontal lobe brain damage resulting in an inability to EVER maintain NORMAL HEALTHY relationships.
    The kids born to those mums are naturally going to experience mental health issues And then they ve been raised thinking recreational drugs are a health food too. They’re all screwed. Bottom line. And now they’re being fed anti depressants and all the rest on top. I know from an honest Dr that anyone who has even just taken one antidepressant will NEVER have normal brain function EVER again.

  2. If I understand how these statistics were arrived at there could be more than the 57% weirded out but are not counted if they don’t see a Shrink and get medicated. This explains the increasing number of young ‘adults’ that lack basic survival skills.

  3. Generation Z is a product of the previous generation of low expectation non intellectuals who lack vision and believes unicorns and pixy dust exist. Re education camps would be a better way to cope than psychotropic medications.

  4. While some here will attribute anxiety and depression to being uniquely a Gen Z problem many young and old are also affected by the isolation and the divisive left politics evident today. Regardless of age we are all social creatures and suffer more than arrogant elitist.

    • Agreed! I’m an old lady and suffer from alot of the same symptoms listed in this article. I didn’t have them before the lockdown and was pretty positive about life.

  5. One of the worst side effects of the kill shot is deterioration of the brain, which causes all kinds of mental and emotional aberrations. Psyche drugs might alleviate the symptoms somewhat for awhile, but probably not for long, and they could end up making the symptoms worse.

  6. They are called Generation Z for a reason.
    Z is the last letter of the alphabet.
    Generation Z is the last of the American kids.
    The Pharmaceutical Poison the Federal and State Government forced into their veins will soon kill them.
    The rest of the American Cattle will be slaughtered by Chinese Troops

  7. Emotional Hysteria has become the new VIRUS, and it spreads just as virulently. It is just now that we begin to see and understand this phrase; “Humans have become their own worst enemy” as hysteria grips America with the promoters spewing their idiocy from the bell towers exclaiming that, “The Sky is Falling, The Sky is Falling”.

    Now that they have created this Emotional Stampede, they are going to have to face a very angry proletariat who would rather just shoot them than try and reform them. The main stream media are 100% culpable in bringing down America and they should be taken out behind the barn and taught a good lesson moral and ethics, preferably with a Louisville Slugger. They’ll eventually get the message that we’ve had enough. PERIOD !!!

  8. “The next generation will see a spiritual revival…”
    The next generation is the Drag Queen Story Hour generation.

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