Massachusetts State Police Union Suing Over Governors Covid Vaccine Mandate

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Massacheusetts state police union

The Massachusetts State Police union has filed a lawsuit against Gov. Charlie Baker seeking to delay a vaccine mandate that requires state workers, including troopers, to be fully vaccinated by Oct. 17 or risk being fired.

The 14-page lawsuit filed on Friday in Suffolk Superior Court asks for the vaccine mandate on hold.

The troopers’ union, which represents about 1,800 members, is looking for more time to “negotiate the terms and conditions of their employment,” according to the lawsuit.

NBC Boston reports: Gov. Charlie Baker issued an executive order last month to require everyone who works for Massachusetts’ Executive Department, which includes state police, provide proof that they’ve been vaccinated by mid-October.

Anyone who isn’t vaccinated and doesn’t have an exemption for medical or religious reasons approved by Oct. 17 will face disciplinary action, which may include being fired, the Baker administration said.

In the lawsuit, the State Police Association asks that members who already had coronavirus or who do not want to get the shot receive weekly testing and wear masks.


  1. Baker is a huge RINO. And a world class sissy. But his AG is a bull dyke. I think she runs him. I was born here but Massachusetts sucks now.

  2. They were fine enforcing the non-constitutional mask mandates, no? All of a sudden when it effects them they stand up to tyranny?
    So they’re half in half out on their oaths?
    Asking for a friend.

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