Massive ‘F**k Cuomo and de Blasio’ Mural Painted On New York Street

Fact checked

Some fed up New Yorkers sent a blunt message to their governor and mayor this weekend, by painting ‘Fuck Cuomo and de Blasio’ in giant yellow letters down a Brooklyn street.

The new mural stretched almost an entire city block in a style similar to the Black Lives Matter street mural in front of the Trump Tower, which was approved by mayor Bill de Blasio.

Earlier this summer de Blasio approved BLM street murals at five city locations.

Breitbart reports: According to the New York Post, the mural went up on Saturday in the early morning hours “of an annual block party which this year doubled as a ‘small business owner protest.’”

An attendee told the outlet that people got the idea to paint the message in giant yellow letters on North 15:

“It was a big hit. The crowds cheered. Even the cops chuckled,” the unnamed individual said.

However, the city reacted quickly. Department of Transportation crews removed the message within 24 hours of its completion, despite local officials, such as New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio (D) and D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser (D), having recently commissioned Black Lives Matter murals on the streets of their cities.

According to the Post, “They told the partygoers it came from up top and they were told the sign said ‘F–k the police,’ the attendee said, though it was unclear whether the workers meant that the order came from top DOT officials or City Hall.”


  1. Wear a condom if you plan to touch DeBlasio or Cuomo.

    These 2 Democrat clowns have brain diseases that science people haven’t discovered yet.

  2. This is the proof that Cuomo and de Blasio are blatant racists!!! They allow a racist organ to plaint a racist slogan on the streets but not one criticizing them. I agree with this street painting!!!

  3. In a world where EVERY single Biblical abomination has bern made normal moral conduct that mural is irrelevant to the moral reality .And the people dont even know that they are the biggest sinners ,biblically speaking ,that the world has ever seen except since the rule of the Pagan Roman Empire . And the people dont even know by who , or how theyve been transformed into a pagan ,ie Satanic Society They are so ignorant they dont even know, thanks to their education and socialisation and their indoctrination into community values .

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