Angela Merkel’s Husband Slams The ‘Lazy’ Unjabbed For ‘Ignoring Science’

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Angela merkel and her husband

The husband of outgoing German chancellor Angela Merkel, has slammed unvaccinated citizens, saying they are ignoring science and being “lazy.”

Professor Joachim Sauer told Italian newspaper La Repubblica “It is astonishing that a third of the population does not follow scientific evidence. Partly this is down to certain laziness and complacency of Germans

RT reports: The chancellor’s husband also slammed those, doctors and scientists included, who have an “ideological reaction to what they consider a vaccination dictatorship.

Sauer, who is a quantum chemistry professor, also expressed hope that the pandemic would prompt an interest in science among new generations.

It would be nice if many would be interested in science and decide to study it, there is a need,” he said.

On Monday, Merkel herself reportedly called Germany’s Covid-19 situation “highly dramatic” and expressed support for tougher measures, despite mass protests around Europe prompted by already existing restrictions.

Germany, along with a number of other European countries including Austria and Slovakia, is now facing a record surge in Covid numbers. Health Minister Jens Spahn warned on Monday that by winter’s end almost everyone in Germany would be “vaccinated, recovered or dead.”


  1. He needs his head bashed in like a pumpkin for Thanksgiving….Right after he lets me give him his shot.. I suspect him and his wife will be hanging from the lamp posts when this is all over….History seems to enjoy repeating itself….

    • Germans don’t have Thanksgiving That’s the globalist spreading paganism disguised as some sot of Christian hypocrisy Something about families and communities All corruptions and disingenuities minted from the mortgage misers for Crown Lands. The only real wealth is real estate and the only way to kerp that ahead of inflation is by promoting marriage and monogamy and children as your just rewards. Keep growing the flock to reap the golden fleece.

  2. Why does her husband look like a blood relative of Blinken, Nuland, Albright, Zucker, Zuckerberg, Weinberg, Blinken and all the rest of the tribe? Just coincidence, I’m sure. #sarc

  3. It’s just the opposite. The ones not complying know it’s deadly. Plenty of scientific review and studies out there that proves it.

    The deadliest “vaccine” in 30 years.

  4. Oh me, oh my; you mean the science that says we will own nothing and be happy or the science that says diversity is our strength – lost me when ‘they’ say ‘our democracy’ – when did being born in the ‘free world’, include the logic of ‘they’ aka two wolves and ‘us’ aka the sheep, step aside when ‘they’ get to decide what to have for dinner – we are their prey and they are the cannibals; as in: Cain served up Abel as dinner and got kicked out of ‘The Garden’ – they still lust for our blood..

  5. the very science that says that once jabbed you are no longer human. once vaxxed your body will suffer immuno repression and you wiill end up desintegrating yourself, you quantun retard!

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