Maxine Waters Wanted By Police For Assaulting Republican Reporter

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Maxine Waters wanted by police for assaulting female reporter

Rep. Maxine Waters is wanted by police after she physically assaulted a female journalist who questioned her support for violent riots against Republicans.  

Conservative journalist Laura Loomer filed a criminal complaint with police on Tuesday, claiming that Ms. Waters assaulted her three times during the interview.

The assault was caught on video which Loomer says has been shown to police officers as evidence.

Laura Loomer reports: Today I filed a police report in Washington, D.C. to press charges against Congresswoman Maxine Waters for assaulting me.

When I confronted her regarding her call for targeted harassment of Trump administration officials, Ms. Waters assaulted me 3 times. She hit my hand to try to knock my phone out of my hand, and then she hit me in the face with her papers twice.

Here is the police report number I filed to report Maxine Waters’ assault.