McCain Says Russian Cyberattacks Against US An ‘Act Of War’

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McCain Says Russian Cyberattacks Against US An 'Act Of War'

John McCain is pushing real fake news as he once again accuses Russia of waging a war against the United States.

The hawkish Republican Senator said that Russia’s alleged meddling in the 2016 presidential election amounted to an “act of war.”

Press TV reports:

“If you try to destroy the fundamentals of democracy, then you have destroyed a nation,” said McCain, the chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee.

“I’m not saying it’s an atomic attack. I’m just saying that when you attack a nation’s fundamental structure, which they are doing, then it’s an act of war,” he continued.

McCain also accused Moscow of committing an “act of war” against the United States last week, and demanded stronger sanctions against Russia over the hacking,  which the US intelligence community claims amounted to meddling in the US election.

McCain has been a virulent critic of Russia and President-elect Donald Trump, who has repeatedly cast doubt over the claim that Russia launched cyberattacks on the US.

On Thursday, the Senate Armed Services Committee, led by McCain, is to hold the first public hearing in Congress on the alleged hacking.

McCain and other top congressional leaders have pledged to press legislation on sanctions against Russia in addition to those announced by President Barack Obama last month.

On December 22, Obama announced a series of economic sanctions against Russia, as well as expulsion of 35 Russian diplomats, over allegations that it interfered in the 2016 presidential election through cyberattacks.

McCain has criticized the sanctions as insufficient and overdue.

However, Trump, the incoming US president, has repeatedly questioned the accuracy of US intelligence pointing to Russia’s responsibility for the hacks and has said it was time to “move on.”

The US claim has been rejected by Moscow. Julian Assange, the founder of WikiLeaks, which published the stolen emails, has also denied that the Russian government provided the files.


  1. John McCain,Your not right.If we can not protect our own information that’s our problem.
    It only makes the U.S. more vigilant.
    I am not sending one of my Sons or Daughters to fight for incompetence on our part.
    You go fight them.

  2. Cain must have been caught, filmed in an uncompromising position with a minor to be forced to sprout this BS to go to war. HAS BEEN box you go you old fart, no one will believe you.

  3. John McCain once an American pilot and hero shot down over North Vietnam and held as a tortured prisoner according to his book turns out to be one of the nations biggest traitors. How can one fall so far; be so corrupt? You shame the uniform you once wore as a military officer and gentleman. You are neither! Your lies could start a war and kill innocent people on both sides. Your lies can kill young people as you once were who have their life ahead of them. You have stained your name and memory beyond your death.

    I am a Vietnam Vet who still stands by his country and the constitution for which it stands.

  4. Now imagine such a piece of s*** or Hitllary to be the president?! Thank God Americans woke up at the last moment!

  5. Isn’t there a pot kettle black moment going on here. America has interfered with countless election abroad,deposed democratically elected governments and even at home spy’s on its own people. So,even if the Russian government were hacking obviously insecure servers,and there is to date no solid proof they are, how on earth have the American ‘security’ agencies got the gall to accuse Russia of an act of war….? The reason being is that the guys who actually run the country didn’t want Trump in the White House. They are desperate for a war and Trump won’t be manipulated. Hillary was the studge that failed he masters, as is Obama and of course McCain.
    Wake up people of America. These idiots will drag the world into a war only they want unless you stop them.

  6. This from the privileged FU son of a US Navy Admiral. The Admiral in charge of covering up Israhell’s deliberate attack on the USS Liberty, the murder of US sailors, and the attempt to sink the ship and blame it on Egypt. John McShame himself, collaborated with the enemy while a prisoner of war. The N Vietnamese called him song bird, because he told them everything he knew, then made propaganda films for them. Richard Nixon pardoned him so he could inherit his dads senate seat. More recently, he reaffirmed his war criminal status when he became a criminal alien in Syria, consorting with a know cannibal terrorist. Even had his photo taken with the cannibal. I do not think he has the moral authority to say jack sh#t about anything.

      • That their state electoral system has been corrupted by the same people who broadcast the fake results on their news stations?


      • He was not tortured. The reason his arms were broken, was because as a privileged FU, he Fed up ejecting, went spastic, did not fold arms, broke them ejecting. Would have drowned if a farmer did not swim out and drag him out of the water. He in later life would not even acknowledge the man who saved his life. A true POS, probably a pedophile, and certainly, a war criminal.

  7. John McCain you take your useless self and go fight a war you war mongrel. I would say the problem is incompetence in Americas ability to stop this sort of thing from happening. You are so corrupt, you helped Obama and Kerry arm and finance ISIS

  8. Might be instructive to see what evidence JM has, if any.
    It is essential he be called out on this.

  9. Good ol’ boy Johnny needs to retire. He is a complete moron, and his contributions are useless; he is closely connected the Bush family and the NWO. I think we should deport this sorry waste of uselessness to Mexico.

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